Fertilizers and chemicals cause more harm than benefits to the crop

Fertilizers and chemicals cause more harm than benefits to the crop

Fertilizers and chemicals cause more harm to the crop than the benefits they deliver to the society.
Evaluate the statement.

Twentieth century saw a revolution which was called as the “Green Revolution”. This was the era when farmers started using various forms of technologies to boost their yield along with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. This became a golden era in the history of mankind since the agricultural produce increased many folds. Also, these chemicals were very effective in fighting against the pests.

But these revolutionary benefits did not come free. They were accompanied by a devastating effect on the environment. Their use causes the wholesale pollution of the streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and even coastal areas, as these synthetic chemicals run-off into the nearby waterways from the fields where they are applied.

When these fertilisers and the excess chemicals run off into the waterways and eventually reach the water bodies, they give rise to the growth of infinite algae. This is called algae blooms and they are big enough to make waterways impassable. Further hazards are caused when the algae dies, they sink to the bottom and decompose in a process that removes oxygen from the water. As a result, the water body becomes deficient in oxygen due to which fish and other aquatic species can’t survive and they start dying.

Also, poisoning of the aquatic life has been reported due to this drainage of fertilisers and chemicals into the water bodies. This is because when these chemicals get into the waterways, fish ingest them and become diseased. Humans in return who eat these fish can themselves become ill, there by magnifying the harmful effects of these chemicals many folds.
A study was conducted in 2007 to estimate the levels of pollution in rivers around Portland. An alarming fact was found that wild salmon in these rivers had multiple varieties of chemicals in their systems.

Hence, I strongly believe that fertilizers and chemicals cause more harm than benefits to the society. It may not be possible to stop their use all together. But steps should be taken to gradually replace them with the organic varieties. Many countries are spending huge amount of money in discovering and formulating organic varieties of fertilizers and chemicals. In the time of come, farmers should be educated to use more organic varieties than these synthetic ones so that further ecological disturbances can be avoided.
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