Filling up the IBSAT application form

What are the important points to keep in mind while filling the application form?

For filling the online application form, the candidate must read the necessary eligibility criterion and before starting the process must gather all the information in hand. Information that should be readily available is:

- Candidate must have a valid e-mail address, telephone number and address before applying and it should be valid throughout the process.

- For the calculation and submission of marks in percentage, the candidate must have the mark sheets of secondary, higher secondary, graduation and any other professional qualification ready in hand.

- Voucher and the details required in that should be kept ready.

What are the different fields to be filled in the application form for IBSAT?

Different sections that need to be filled in the application form are:

- Personal Details – As per the academic records the candidate needs to fill in the name, Date of Birth, gender, citizenship, Address, E-mail ID and contact number. Two valid E-mail ID’s need to be submitted by the applicant as all the communication is done through e-mail.

- Program selection – The candidate then need to select the program that he / she is opting for based on his/her eligibility for the program.

- Filling of academic records – The candidate has to then provide the academic details which includes:

- School Details – Name of the school, Board, Year of passing, Marks obtained in percentage, Medium and Mode of study.

- Graduation / Post graduation details – Candidate has to select the title, duration of the program, Year of passing, Marks obtained in percentage, Medium and Mode of study. They also need to provide the name of the College, City, State and University with which the college is affiliated.

- Professional Qualifications – Candidate has to fill in the details regarding Title, Year of passing, Marks in percentage and mode of study (Full time, part time or distance mode)

- Photograph – The candidate need to upload his / her photograph in the desired field.

- Declaration – In this section the candidate who affirms that he / she is eligible to take IBSAT and all the information that he/ she has entered is correct, has to choose “I Agree” to the declaration statement. Choosing this and on clicking the submit button, the candidate proceeds to the next section, which is the scheduling section for the IBSAT.
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