Finance Fresher Career Objective and Career Summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Finance Fresher

Career Objective:

To secure the job in the Finance sector in your organisation which could help me learn new skills and deliver my potential of financial analysis and strategic implementation of the new approach towards the development of the company.

Career Summary:

- B.B.M., MBA in Finance and Administration.
- Sound knowledge of the finance administration and technological approach for the analysis and implementation of the projects.
- Ability to resolve queries and issues concerning pension, tax filing, insurance policies and regulations.
- Knowledge of banking rules and regulations concerned with the company accounts.
- Ability to handle cash receipts, company account payments, payrolls and general accounts.
- Capable of supporting and handling annual finance audits.
- Ability to maintain record book and ledger entries.
- Proficiency of working with MS Office and Open Office with good command over finance related applications.
- Talent to develop and implement capital expenditure plans.
- Believer of team work, with confidence of handling the task alone as well.
- Efficient time-management skills.
- Hard-working, dedicated and sincere towards profession.
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  • Finance Fresher Career Objective and Career Summary -Teena Bhatia (06/24/14)
  • Career Objective:

    To secure an entry level position in a progressive organization that provides ample opportunities to develop and use my skills for growth in the finance vertical.

    Career Summary:

    • Completed internship with one of the most prestigious investment bank for six months during the completion of MBA.
    • Get to know about on the methodology of analyzing financial information to make informed investment decisions.
    • Experience of coordinating with the different departments of the company including sales, marketing and finance.
    • Key learning in the segment of interpretation of data used in the various investment programs.
    • Knowledge of the various regulations and policies that need to be followed during the investment process.
    • Got practical exposure of preparing oral and written reports covering the f=general economic trends of the economy.
    • Thorough knowledge of economy, tax laws and the working of money and capital markets.