Find a good job through Facebook - Here's how!

Find a good job through Facebook - Here's how!

Is it really possible to get a job through Facebook? Yes, of course. Nowadays, Facebook is a platform where every employer is present. Having a Facebook page is a must for every company. You can check out the Facebook pages of various companies you want to get hired by and follow them.

Facebook profiles are generally considered good indicators of your temperament. If the recruiter reviews your profile for just ten minutes, he can get an idea about your personality and know how you’ll fit into the company’s work environment and succeed in the job. The trick is to make sure that you are presenting yourself in the best way on Facebook.

Here are some important things that you should follow while making a Facebook profile.

1.Make your account on Facebook- Most of the employers look into your Facebook profile before calling you for an interview. If you do not have an account on Facebook employers might think you are not up to date.

2. Highlight your top personality traits- If you include some positive personality traits in your profile, it will give a good picture of yours.

3. Make some privacy settings- You must review your privacy settings and limit the views of some updates. Facebook has a “Timeline” structure now and your old update, photos and videos are can be searched by your friends and possibly the public at large.

4. Promote yourself and share profession related content- You can use your 'timeline' to promote your interests, major accomplishments, or any life experience you have had. If you do so, employers will find you more relevant and interesting.

5. Networking- These days we can assume that recruiters will surely be on Facebook. So this gives you a opportunity to connect yourself to whoever is hiring at the moment.

Let us say you identify a company that is recruiting and then find out who the hiring manager is. Then check for friends or friends of friends in common in order to get referred to people working for the company or even the hiring manager directly. Contact that person and start interacting.

6. Join and get active in groups- There are certain groups on Facebook where you can discuss and post news about a particular topic, industry or interest. You can become an active member of the group by joining in or starting discussions, posting links and other resources to its wall, moderating or managing sections of the group and so on. This will not only help you grow your network, you will even get noticed by others in your industry. You will get updated about upcoming job opportunities even before they are posted.

These are some ways through which you can get hired to the best companies. You just need to understand the technique of promoting yourself in the best possible way.
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