First ever Counter Terrorism Conference 2015

First ever Counter Terrorism Conference 2015

Questioon - Counter-terrorism operations are critical for protecting national security interests. Discuss the proceedings of the first ever Counter Terrorism Conference 2015 in Jaipur.

Counter Terrorism Conference 2015 was organised by Sardar Patel University of Police and Security and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur along with the Rajasthan government and India Foundation

Three day conference covered topics such as:
- Illegal migration and border security
- Cyber space
- Social Media and Terrorism
- Terror Trade: weapons, narcotics and fake currency

• Foreign participants included Sarath Fonseka of the Sri Lankan army, Admiral Jamers Loy, Senior Counsellor, US’s Cohen Group

• Think tanks and other stakeholders were also invited to partner the government on counter-terrorism operations

• Conference identified that counter terrorism operations would range from the technologically complex to the simple

• War of terrorism has to be fought by society at the community level

• Efforts should be made to prevent indoctrination of young minds with militant ideology

• Conference would benefit the functioning of the ministry as far as counter terrorism operations
are concerned

• Need for professionally managed school for counter terrorism operations was also elucidated

• Counter terrorism operations should also incorporate new technologies so that they can face the technical challenges that are fast characterising the war on terror

Facts and Stats
• The theme of the conference was “Integrated Approach to Counter Terrorism”
• The topic on which deliberations were made included:
• 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack
• Talbanisation of Afghanistan-Pakistan region
• New Caliphate in West Asia
• Maritime Terrorism and Piracy
• Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism
• Cyber and Space terrorism
• The second last theme is especially important because it is a clear threat to public health and safety as well as economic and political stability on an international level.
• Counter terrorism operations are vital in present times when threats to national security are becoming a reality.
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