Flip Flops - Computer architecture and design

Explain briefly about Flip-flops.

- Flip flops are also known as bi-stable multi-vibrators. They are able to store one bit of data.

- Flip flops are able to be in two stable states namely one and zero. They can be in either states and in order to change their states they have to be driven by a trigger.

- Certain flip flops are edge triggered meaning they only respond to voltage changes from one level to another. They can be either positive edged triggering or negative edged triggering.

- Flip flops turn on in a random manner that is they can be in either of the states when they are turned on. In order to have a uniform state when they are powered on a CLEAR signal has to be sent to the flip flops. They can also be made to turn on in a particular state by applying PRESET.
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  • RE: Flip Flops - Computer architecture and design -Ismail (06/19/17)
  • which ram is made from flipflop
  • RE: Flip Flops - Computer architecture and design -manan (11/05/15)
  • Flip Flops are edge sensitive devices that work on either positive or negative edge of the clock as compared to latches which are level sensitive device.
    Flip flops are made from latches.
    They are nothing but one bit register. They are immune to glitches and requires more no of gates that latches hence slower than latches.