Floods- Causes and Consequences

Floods- Causes and Consequences

Question:-When an area gets inundated, the effects are seen in every direction, be it environmental, lives or property. What are the reasons that cause floods and how do floods affect the particular region/area.

Causes of floods are manifold. Excess rains, breaking of a dam etc are major causes of a flood. Whatever the causes, the effects are devastating affecting lives, environment on a large scale.


- A flood takes place when the level of water exceeds its area making it overflow.

- The amount of rainfall is another factor that could contribute to flooding. Excess rainfall leads to the flooding of sewers thus having the water flow out on the streets.

- Breaking of a dam also causes water to flow out with a massive speed flooding all that comes its way.

- Other than the mentioned causes, the climate of a region also plays a vital role in floods. An area located at a higher altitude will receive more rainfall than those at a lower altitude. A wet or damp climate is more susceptible to rains causing flash floods rather than a dry climate.

- Hurricane is another reason in which huge amounts of water is carried and dumped on land which causes a rise in water levels, creating floods.


- Effects of floods can be seen on houses that are pulled off the foundations since the seeping water has weakened them, the flooding water causes potholes and at many places trees are ripped off their roots.

- There is a change in the terrain and the landscape which is caused by accumulated or unning water which has various deposits like loose soil, rocks etc. This can be quite hazardous for the people living in nearby areas.

- The more lasting effects are seen on the economy of the region affected by floods.

- The adverse effect of flood other than on the obvious houses, buildings etc, is seen on the emotional state of the people where they have lost their family, homes and jobs. People fight to fulfill their daily needs and this goes on for a long time.

- Although help is received from every part, what is lost never is returned and so the effects of floods are more of everlasting kinds.
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