Follow on Water Jet Fast Attack Craft: Main Features

Follow on Water Jet Fast Attack Craft: Main Features

Question: Three Follow on Water Jet Fast Attack Crafts were recently launched for the Indian Navy. Discuss their main features.

- The three crafts were named INS Tarmugli, INS Tilanchang and INS Tihayu.

- Indian Navy has led the drive for indigenous construction of warships and acknowledged the role of GRSE as a reliable partner for pursuing national goals of Make in India

- These follow on Water Jet Fast Attack Crafts were powered by the latest 4000 series of MTU engines with advanced machine control system and water jets

- They can attain maximum speed of 35 knots

- Craft will also have latest communication equipment and radars which will facilitate effective surveillance

- These follow on ships have higher power generating capacity of close to 280 kW, enhanced capacity of RO plant from 2 to 4 TPD amidst other features

- The Craft has indigenous CRN 91 Gun with Optronic Pedestal to give requisite firepower to undertaken patrolling efficiently

- Two of these ships will be delivered to the Indian Navy this year

Facts and Stats

- 48 ships are currently under construction in Indian shipyards

- The heaviest ship which is being built is INS Vikrant at 40,000 tonnes

- Credited with building the nation's first indigenous stealth anti-submarine warfare corvette, INS Kamorta, the GRSE is also India's first shipyard to export a warship - CGS Barracuda - commissioned by the National Coast Guard of Mauritius recently.
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