Freescale Placement Papers - Technical Questions

Freescale Placement Papers - Technical Questions

In the written test of Freescale the students can expect a few question based on generating a C code. The students would also be expected to calculate the propagation delay in a combinational circuit and a few similar questions.

It has been observed that there are about 15 questions asked in this section with a time limit of 90 minutes given to solve the paper.

Here are a few frequently asked questions in technical section of the written test:

1. Explain Thevenin Theorem? Explain the step by step procedure.

2. Explain the significance of Q factor?

3. Explain Amdahl’s law?

4. What is the method of access used for obtaining a record from a tape?

5. Name the quantities which are used to bring fields to standard size?

6. What is the base of the number system called?

7. What is the most dangerous aspect of computer viruses?

8. State what is digital switching theory?

9. What is arranging a data in specific format called?

10. What is the data structure called with more than one relationship?

11. Name the acronym for the organization that publishes programming language standards?

12. What is the data hierarchy in ascending order?

13. Who implemented NAND circuit?
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