French and Russian Revolution - Critical Review.

French and Russian Revolution - Critical Review.

Question: The impact of the French Revolution that took place in 1789 was initially confined to Europe, but Russian Revolution, 1917 had a global impact. Give a critical review.

It is needless to say that the French Revolution brought about great changes in France. The monarchy was displaced and the king and queen executed. New form of government attempted to find stability in the hitherto chaotic society. The various stages of revolution a deliberate attempt to build a new France.

As France trembled, there was a massive ideological challenge in front of Europe. The fact that the concept of French revolution was not immediately adopted by the rest of Europe, it did not reduce its effect, because France had started exporting the revolution at the points of its bayonets. Certainly, Europe would experience a war which would go on until the final outbreak of Napoleon in 1815.

The post 1815 era across Europe witnessed many revolutions, some of them successful in their aims. A realistic model of republican government was re-introduced by the French Revolution which proved that it was not necessary for a European state to be officially Christian.

Equal law for everyone, freedom of speech, and independence of the people rather than monarchy found its roots in the revolution. Europe experienced nationalism on a major scale.

Concepts of liberal democracy, fraternity and equality were introduced by the French into the political arena. The rise of various philosophers and sociologists was a major reason for the enlightenment. This concept was spread across Europe which was gladly accepted by the public to overthrow the monarchs and adopt liberal democracy.

Russian Revolution: The October Revolution was peaceful; however, the new state soon got involved in a civil war. The revolution succeeded in overthrowing the autocracy and destroying the power of the church. The USSR was thus the outcome of the end of the Czarist regime.

With the new government, private property in the means of production was abolished and economic planning was adopted for a faster development. The various measures adopted took Soviet Union to become a major power in the world.

Building of a socialist society as it prime objective, the Russian Revolution had repercussions on the entire globe since it had led to the creation of a new state over a huge area of the world.

Though the French and Russian revolution started with the similar intention of overthrowing the corrupt regime of the monarchy, there were significant differences between the two revolutions hence the magnitude of their impact too differed.

The Russian revolution took place at a time when the world was divided and Communism was becoming stronger in Russia. The extent of this country and concept of communism contributed in making this event a global one, at a time when imperialism was the way in other countries.

To conclude, Russian revolution was definitely international in nature but French revolution cannot be treated any less for its international contributions. It helped America against Britain to achieve democracy and gradually the same ideology has been adopted by most of the country today.
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