Function of URL routing system in ASP.NET MVC

What is the main function of URL routing system in ASP.NET MVC?

-URL routing system provides flexibility to the system and it also enables to define new URL mapping rules that can be used with web applications.

-URL routing system is used to map the application and its routing information gets passed to right controller and action method.

-URL routing system processes and executes the method to run the application without using many designed rules.

-It is used to construct the outgoing URLs that can be used to handle the actions that have the ability to map both incoming and outgoing URLs that adds more flexibility to the application code.

-It follows the rules to execute the application globally and handle the logic that is required for the application.
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  • What is significance of routing? -Routing (07/15/12)
  • -ASP.NET MVC uses ASP.NET routing, to map incoming browser requests to controller action methods.

    -In ASP.NET Routing mechanism a routing table is maintained which is created when the web application first starts.

    -The route table is present in the Global.asax file.

    -In routing mechanism the physical path of page will not be used in URL and therefore hiding the application file system hierarchy from outer world.

    -By using the routing mechanism the URL search becomes more user friendly.