Functionalities of Link Partitioner and Link Collector - DataStage

What are the functionalities of Link Partitioner and Link Collector?

-All the jobs in a server are executed sequentially

- The simulation of parallel mode of execution over other server jobs is done by Partition and Link Collector.

- Data is received by Link Partitioner on a single input link and diverts to a maximum of 64 output links

- Data is Processed by the same stage

- It actually splits data into various partitions or data flows using various partition methods .

Link collector:

- Data from 64 input links is collected by Link Collector and merges into a single data flow

- Link collector loads the collected data to the target.

- All these data stages are active

- The design and execution mode of server jobs are decided by the designer.

- It collects the data coming from partitions, merges it into a single data flow and loads to target.
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