Functions of the National Mission for Clean Ganga and Nirmal Ganga Sahbhagita

Functions of the National Mission for Clean Ganga and Nirmal Ganga Sahbhagita

Question - Governance involves protecting natural resources through effective management. Briefly discuss the functions of the National Mission for Clean Ganga and the recently launched Nirmal Ganga Sahbhagita

Close coordination with ULBs/Urban Local Bodies for attaining the goal of Clean Ganga is the chief aim of the National Mission for Clean Ganga.

National Mission for Clean Ganga: Highlights

• National Mission for Clean Ganga/NMCG is the implementation wing of the NGRBA/National Ganga River Basin Authority

• This registered society was formed by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change on 12th August 2011 as per the Societies Registration Act 1860

• This is in accordance with the 306th Amendment of the Government of India (Allocation of Business)Rules 1961

• Both the NMCG and NGRBA are under the aegis of the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation

• As per the CCEA approval, mandate of NGRBA is implemented by the National Mission for Clean Ganga

• NMCG is the coordinating body supported by States Level Programme Management Groups of the following states:

- UP
- Uttarakhand
- Bihar
- West Bengal

• The States Level Management Programmes are registered under the Societies Registration Act as well and a dedicated nodal cell has been formed for the same.

• NMCG is set to operate within the Ganga River Basin; this includes states through which the Ganga river flows.

• Mission Director of NMCG is the JS to GoI

• SPMGs are also headed by senior State officers


• NMCG aims to ensure effective elimination of pollution; it also works for the rejuvenation of the Ganga river through a river basin approach for promotion of inter-sectoral coordination

• It works for comprehensive management and planning pertaining to Ganga River Basin

• It also works to maintain minimum ecological flows in the river to ensure water quality and sustainable development

• NMCG also works to implement the work programme of the National Ganga River Basin Authority

• It aims to implement the WB supported National Ganga River Basin Project

• It also works to coordinate and oversee project implementation sanctioned by GoI under NGRBA

• The NMCG also works on functions assigned for the conservation of the river

• It will make rules and regulations for its functioning as well

• The NMCG will also accept or provide grants and loans and undertake management of
endowment trust, fund or donation in consonance with its aims

• The NMCG works for implementation of the NGRBA objectives

Nirmal Ganga Sahbhagita: Highlights

• NMCG has recently launched the Nirmal Ganga Sahbhagita/NGS for sustainable partnership with 118 ULBs located along the river

Objectives of the NGS are as follows:

• Formation of Ganga Project Implementation Units in numerous towns for enabling implementation of Clean Ganga programme

• Well organised waste management close to the Ghats and confluence of Nalas into the river

• Public outreach activities for promoting cleanliness of the river

• Providing livelihood for unemployed youth for monitoring health and litter free zone of the river

• Management of the 500 metre area along the river and connecting drains as litter free zone

• NMCG is entering into MoU with each ULB to attain the objective of clean Ganga.

Facts and Stats

• NMCG directed ULBs through public notice to furnish plan for rehab of sewage treatment plants recently

• Non-treated municipal sewage accounts for 75% of pollution in Ganga

• Responsibility of provision for adequate sanitation and waste management overlaps between states and ULBs
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