Future orientation - What exactly does this mean and how can I gain this skill?

I am looking for a new job in Delhi in the IT sector and I have been coming across a term called “Future-orientation” in the list of required soft-skills. What exactly does this mean and how can I gain this skill for the new jobs I am looking for?

Future orientation means to be prepared with plans and ideologies that are going to be required for the well-functioning of an organization. Time demands that we keep updated to the changes and developmental alterations that are happening every now and then so that we are able to keep with time and stay competent. The organizations now require the professionals that it hires, especially in the IT sector, to have the ability to accurately anticipate the future and be ready to handle the situation before it gets to affect the position of the company.

Here are some tips to develop future-orientation skill:
- Keep upgrading your current skill-sets
- Make efforts to learn beyond your area of expertise
- Be an avid reader on the latest developments in the sector
- Have constant discussions/debates with colleagues with similar skill-sets
- Take part in learning programs
- Think and develop out-of-the-box ideas and always be passionate about your career
- Develop a 360 degree viewpoint and then foresee its impact in future
- Think about sustainability, survival and stability in your area of expertise
- Accept changes and instead of sticking to a single viewpoint, explore the other options wisely.
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