Geodesic Campus Placement - Selection Procedure & Questions

Geodesic Campus Placement - Selection Procedure & Questions

Geodesic, a company providing software solution, this venture were started in 1999 and is headquartered in Mumbai with offices spread across in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The products of Geodesic are marketed in almost to all the sectors beginning from telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, hand held device manufacturers, government agencies, financial institutions, banks and broking houses, Large and Small Medium Enterprises and lastly retail outlets.

Geodesic have to deal with almost all the sectors to market their product, they require niche candidates to develop the product as they are dealing with niche products, hence the selection procedure is stringent.

It has been observed that the selection procedure of Geodesic consists of a written test, followed by an technical interview and lastly the HR interview round. The criteria of selection are to have an aggregate of 70% and no pending arrears and students from CSE, ECE and IT departments were only allowed to appear for the written test.

The aptitude test has 3 sections, i.e. analytical, technical and quantitative. The questions are based on Algorithms, logical thinking and questions based on C section.

Some of the questions observed in the Algorithms and Logical thinking are:

• A condition 0
• In a circle, ‘n’ number of people was seated. If every second person is eliminated and the circle is again closed and this procedure is repeated, write a function to describe ‘n’ should be depicted as a binary number, while correlating n with f (n).Find f(10) and f(20)
[Hint: this problem is a variant of jospheus problem]

The types of questions based on C section are:

• Consider the code snippet,
Integer n [] = {0014, 010, 2, 4, 8, 12};
Integer i;
for (i=0; i<6; i++)
printf (‘%d”, n[i]);
What shall be the output of the above mentioned program?

• Write a function that compares 2 strings ending with a null character which returns ‘0’ when they are same and ‘-1’ when different? Do not use strcmp() function.

Some of the technical questions asked in the technical round of interview are:

• Distinguish and explain local and global parameters.

• State the differences between CE and CC.

• State the precise definition of sensitivity.

• Write a recursive function without passing parameters

• On a scale of 1 – 10, how do you rate yourself in C language?

• How will you connect a 4KB of 16 bit memory into 2KB of 8 bit chips?

Some problems on designing were also given to be solved. The questions in this are not very easy.

Some of the questions commonly asked in the HR interview round are:

• Tell me something about yourself.

• How did you fare in the aptitude test and which section did you like the most?

• In how many companies have you been interviewed, and what were the reasons you were rejected in those companies?

• What do you know about Geodesic and do you have any questions about Geodesic?
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