Geologist CV samples - geologist CV formats and templates

Geologist CV samples - geologist CV formats and templates


An enthusiastic hard worker skilled in Geology; Seeking a position offering career opportunities for Personal Contribution and professional growth utilizing my technical knowledge in the

Geological & Geo-technical field.

Ability to work and learn in a team, Strong Determination, Positive Attitude, Flexibility.
Presently working as a Geo-tech Eng. In “ABC INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.”, Chennai metro project, from June 2011 to contd.

Project: -

Design & Construction of underground stations at Shenoy Nagar, Anna Nagar East, Anna Nagar Tower & Thirumangalam & associated Tunnels (UAA-05). Twin tunnels with Dia-6.5mts & 4.2k.m.


- Handling Geotechnical Investigations & various tests in Station & Tunnel.
- Prepared Geological mapping, Planning, Statigraphy, Geomorphology & Ground water condition.
- Making Geological reports for G.C.
- Geo-logging of various excavations i.e. shafts & Diaphragm Walls.
- Handling Probing Machine, Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCPT).
- Grouting D-Wall joints.(Cosma pump,Unigrout pump,Mai pump)
- Handling P.U (Meyco 3551k) for grouting works.
- Handling Instrumentation works at Tunnel & Station.
- Handling Bore well & Cavity well plugging at red zone of TBM.
- Preparing Building Condition survey for Tunnel alignment.

Worked as a Geologist in “XYZ LTD.” Delhi-Jaipur Road Projects (December 2008-October 2010)..

Project: - Widening & Up-gradation of existing 4 to 6 lanes road from km 144+770 (Mardha Vilg.) to km 181+300 (Antela Vilg.) of NH-8 (Total 36.5km).


- Geological Survey & Mapping of Quarry.
- Exploration, Drilling & Blasting pattern.
- Interpretation of data in Plan & Section.
- Preparation of Mining plan & section.
- Ore reserve estimation of mines & Quarry.

Worked as a Geologist in “PQR COAL BED METHANE PVT LTD”. (Jun 2008 to Dec 2008).
Project: - Coal drilling sample test for CBM. Rajasthan, Gujarat & M.P area.


-Measuring desired gas, Evaluation of Residual gas.
-Proximate Analysis, Core Drilling.
-Geological Mapping, Geomorphology& Statigraphy.


- A Visit to Odisha Remote Sensing Application Centre (ORSAC) BBSR, Odisha.
- A Visit to Cement Plant (OCL) India Ltd.Rajgangpur, Odisha.


- One month Training Underground Coal mines, Talcher, Odisha.
- Two months Training Dalmiha Institute of Scientific & Industrial Research
(DISIR), sundargarh, Odisha.


- M.Sc (Geology)
First Class from ABC University, Odisha - 2008.
- B.Sc. (Geology, Physics)
Second division from ABC University, Odisha - 2006.


Date of Birth:
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  • hello
    the desktop support engineer minimum qualification?? and what about the next future in this job ?? and what about the salary its increase are not in future .. after this can i eligible for network engineer ??
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  • Manoj Kumar Dara
    Mobil No. - XXXXXXXXXXXX

    Career Objective:

    To obtain high level of excellence in the growth oriented Geological Organization and to utilize myself as a resource for kind of challenging jobs by upgrading my knowledge and skill from

    time to time. To be epitome of creativity, team work and intellectuality.

    Career snapshot:

    A seasoned professional with over 3.8 years experience in Geological & Geochemical Mapping, and sampling, Prospecting, Exploration & Mining of Iron Ore, Bauxite, Limestone & Lignite etc.

    structural analysis and interpretation.
    Currently serving as “Geologist” in Eurasian Minerals & Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Noida, from June 2011. A conscientious worker with strong organizational, communication and analytical skills.
    Current salary: 40,000 p/m. + Other Field Allowances

    Job Profile: Administrative coordination and monitoring of the entire project activity viz.
    A. Kachchh Geochemical Mapping Project (KGCMP)
    B. Rapid Reserve Assessment Survey (RRAS-I) in Kutch Area.
    -Previous worked in four different projects
    -Multimineral Exploration (Limestone, Lignite & China clay etc.)
    -Rapid Reserve Assessment Survey (RRAS-II) in Kutch Area.
    -Lignite Exploration in Kutch.
    -Creation of Geoparks & Geo-Monuments in Kachchh District.
    C. Presently working in Mining of Iron Ore, Manganese, Laterite, Bauxite & Limestone etc.

    A. KGCMP:
    -Responsibility includes the preparation of various types of thematic maps such as drainage, land use/ land cover, geomorphological and geological maps using Toposheets, imageries and various

    -Based on these maps collection of samples and generation of data.
    -Sampling of soil profile with the identification of various soil horizons and preparation of lithologs.
    -Compilation of data and updating of various types of thematic maps using all the field as well as prefield data and software.
    -Creating daily and monthly working report as well as timetable for project deadline.
    -Interpretation and analysis of data.

    B. RRAS:

    -Includes sampling of limestone from surface and stream sections with preparation of stream section logs.
    -Marked the contact of different lithologies by tracing them and plotting them on maps.
    -Auditing of core logs, preparation of logs and their correlation based on the drilling data for further interpretation using software Rock ware.
    -Compilation and updating of maps with the help of field data, laboratory data and borehole data.
    -Estimation of reserves using data and maps.
    -Interpretation and analysis of data as well as preparation of geochemical maps based on percentage of various elements (CaO, MgO, SiO2 etc.) using software of GIS (MapInfo etc)

    Area of Expertise:

    -Geological and geochemical sampling, core logging and reserve estimation.
    -Prospecting & Exploration.
    -Geological report writing.
    -GPS, Scintillometer and knowledge of computer operations.

    Instrument Handling:-

    Gas Chromatography, HPLC, U.V. Spectrophotometer, Karl Fisher Apparatus
    PH Meter, Dissolution Apparatus, Disintegrator Apparatus, Friability Apparatus, Distillation, Filtration, Separation, Melting-Boiling Apparatus, Acid-Base Titration & Various Type Reaction

    like Fluorination, Chlorination, Nitration, Condensation, High Vacuum Distillation etc .


    -Training imparted by GSI and GMRDS-CGM on the aspects of National Geochemical mapping in Kachchh district.
    -Training imparted by Commissonerate of Geology and mining, Govt. of Gujarat and the director (Development) GMRDS on mineral administration work.

    Computer Skills:

    -Proficiently working in windows XP, Windows7, Vista and software (Map source, Map info).
    -Internet and LAN related applications.

    Educational Qualifications:

    Master of Science 2007 with 70.77%.
    Subject: Geology
    Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer (Rajasthan)

    Master of Science 2006 with 63.25%.
    Subject: Pharma. Chemistry
    Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer (Rajasthan)

    Bachelor of Science 2003 with 60.00%.
    Subject: zoology, Chemistry and Geology.
    Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer (Rajasthan)


    Listening Music, Playing Chess, interacting with people, traveling and reading newspaper.
    Languages Known:
    English, Hindi, Gujarati.

    Personal Profile:

    Date of birth:
    Marital Status
    Fathers Name
    Passport No.
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  • Name:


    Around 10 years experience in the geological field of manganese mines, Coal mines, Graphite mines, Lime stone Mines, Granite Quarries etc at managerial levels. Experience in handling

    Geophysical Instruments and software’s.

    - Exposure to Geological Mapping, Sampling, Quality control and Reserve estimation.
    - Exposed to Geophysical instruments and Mining soft wares.


    -Preparing Geological mapping and contour, topographical maps by using GPS
    and plot in MapInfo, AutoCAD.
    -Surface outcrop sampling.
    -Using Magnetometer and prepare magnetic images with Encom software.
    -Using Multichannel and Induce Polarisation Instrument (AGI) to find the ore anomalies beneath the surface.. And making 2D and 3D images with AGI software.
    -Mine face sampling to control the quality of the ore.


    -Expert in Mineral exploration.
    -Sound in written and oral communication by English & Bahasa Indonesia.
    -Computer skills.
    -Expert in organizational abilities.
    -Ability to build a good rapport with all levels of people.


    May 20XX – March 20XX ABC Ltd. - DGM/ Exploration, Manganese project& Coal project, Flores Island, Indonesia.

    Project in charge and doing Manganese exploration in 8000 hectares in two different areas.And Geological survey in coal Mine in Kalimantan and Ore Reserve estimation.
    Handling the Geological and Geophysical team members. Instruments like Resistivity and Magnetometer instruments are used for survey.

    May 20XX – April 20XX - XYZ Ltd.

    - The project initiated by a joint venture of PT.Good Earth Indonesia and Indsil energy and Electro-chemicals Limited,TN, India to explore and mining Manganese ore from Lambaleda district,

    Flores island.

    - Identifying the ore and prepare all sort of maps in 5000 hectares.

    Quality control in charge in mines yard.

    Jan 19XX – Jan 20XX - PQR Ltd. - Field officer/ mine plan.

    - Surveying & Plotting the deposits in the map for the Magnesite, Quartz, Limestone.
    - Supervising all the aspects of process.
    - Preparation of detailed Topographical maps, Geological Plans and sections.
    Sampling, reserve estimation and preparation of reports.

    Feb 19XX – July 19XX - XXX Ltd. - Senior Geologist/ Graphite Mines.

    - Identifying the graphite vein by the trenching & bore hole methods
    - Taking necessary samples from the bore hole in periodic intervals & sending it to lab for analysis.
    - Exploring the new Graphite area in Todupuzha district, Kerala, India.
    - Maintaining files for all the relevant field data.

    Personal Details:

    Date Of Birth:
    Languages Known: