Getting foreign coaches for Indian teams is a waste of money

Getting foreign coaches for Indian teams is a waste of money

The nationality of the coach is not important. It is his abilities and capacities to train the Indian team for a superlative performance that is the crucial point. While it may be argued that hiring a foreign coach costs a lot of money and he comes from a different culture which creates communication obstacles, it is the performance of the team that should determine the choice of the coach.

If an international coach is ensuring optimal performance of the team, then it does not matter if he is from another nation or costing more money.

The coach should provide value for money. Successive wins will boost national prestige.


• The coach who is hired for the job should have in-depth knowledge about the core skills that the athletes must possess so that they can be top performers. The coach should have experience in the sports field and have extensive experience in advanced tactics and key strategies. Coaches must know about the best way to elicit good performance from the team. Such coaches are worth the cash you spend on them.

• A good coach should not only know a lot about the particular sport, but he must also acquire new training skills and abilities. It is important to stay up-to-date regarding latest developments and posses plenty of knowledge about a particular field.

Elite coaches have updated information about training, research and rehab. The coach should not lag behind in acquisition of new knowledge, skill and expertise.

• The coach should also be a good motivator. He can be from any country, but he should know how to encourage and support the team. He should have the ability to develop a solid rapport with all members of the team. Athletes can only perform well if their coaches believe in them. From Sania Mirza to Saina Nehwal, all the top players have good coaches who motivate and encourage them to perform well.

Motivation also ensures that the athletes recover from failures and losses fast. The Indian hockey team has performed dismally at the Olympics recently. They need a coach who can encourage them to bounce back from the loss and perform well at Rio.

• A coach can be Indian or foreign, but he must be a good communicator. This is important because he must be able to help the team to understand playing techniques and develop great skills.

Direct feedback should be forthcoming from the coach regarding the performance of the players. It is also important to ensure that the coach knows how to respect the team and provide them with competence and skill to perform well.

Acknowledging success is part of the motivational process. Coaches should know how to give positive as well as negative feedback to the team in a way that encourages it to excel on the field.

• Regardless of his nationality, the coach should also be a disciplined person. He should be a good listener so that team members do not hesitate to confide in him. The coach should be able to elicit accurate information from his team.


Coaches should be judged in terms of their skill and competence, not their nationality. Someone who is hired for the role should be able to do a good job. It is important to get a coach who understands the emotions and concerns of the team. Getting a coach who can relate to the players is the key point.

A coach can have great skills, but it is of no use if he cannot get the team to perform well. Choose a coach who knows the game and has a sensitive and caring attitude. The team should be able to confide to the coach and work with him to improve their performance.
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  • RE: Getting foreign coaches for Indian teams is a waste of money -Deepa Kaushik (05/08/14)
  • Foreign coaches for the Indian team is definitely the wastage of money. Indians have very good sportsmen with a track record into the history of the sports. We have forgotten to remember and respect their service for the country adding to the name and fame of the country. Is we can get these people into the positions for the coaches, Indians will have more efficient sportsmen.

    Making Indians as the coaches will also have an enhanced zeal and enthusiasm in the training as the patriotism will automatically come into play. The vigour to make our country to be victorious would be definitely more than the spirit of performing the duty as the coach to their fullest. With such an aspect, the Indian coaches will earn more points over the foreign coaches.

    Also India is not a very rich country to waste money on such people with a better cream on our own land. We can use that sum of money in increasing the infrastructure of the same or some other sport providing better playing opportunity for the players. Also the amount can be used to train more youth who have good records and bring up the efficient players from the poor sections of the society who are unable to show their game to the world due to lack of money.

    With all these major grounds into our sports field, it is definitely an utter wastage to seek for the foreign coaches for training our players.
  • Getting foreign coaches for Indian teams is a waste of money -Lubna Lakdawala (04/02/14)
  • Getting foreign coaches for Indian teams is a waste of money

    A coach is someone who develops, improves or promotes changes in a person's ability and understanding. Sports coaches assist players in developing to their full potential. Coaches play an important role in a player’s life. Coaches are instrumental in a players or teams success. They guide and train the players to dleiver their best performance.

    Motivating the players also comes under the responsibilities of the coach. Many players are self motivated and the coaches just have to ensure that keep remain motivated and perform consistently.

    The statement that foreign coaches are a waste of money is not related to the performance of the coach but rather to the fact that Indian coaches are paid a lot less as compared to their foreign counterparts.

    It is rightly said that Indian talent should be promoted and thus Indian teams should have Indian coaches, but there seems a dearth in Indian players to come forward and coach the players. The reason for this could be that the Government does not give proper incentives for players to turn into coaches in India. The coaches of less popular games and players are often treated poorly and not well respected. For a country that is known to worship its gurus, this is a sad predicament.

    Merits of an individual should not be subjected to nationality, caste creed or gender. A coach should be selected depending on how well he can do the job, his nationality caste or gender shouldn’t matter. It is better to have a foreign coach if he can help win matches rather than an Indian coach who cannot do the desired job in spite of having the same culture and speaking the same languages. A coach for any Indian team should be chosen on the basis of talent and capabilities irrespective of his nationality

    In sports the caste, color, creed and nationality and gender of the coach does not matter. This fact is many a times ignored while selecting or criticizing a foreign coach. Gary Kristen was one of the many foreign coaches of Indian cricket team. Being the head coach of the Indian cricket team was not an easy job with so much pressure to handle. But Gary Kristen excelled as he successfully coached the Indian team to win the 2011 World Cup after a gap of 28 years.

    The success was not because of him being a foreigner and getting a higher pay but because of his talents and capabilities. In a similar manner the Indian hockey team being unsuccessful under foreign coaches does not mean that foreign coaches are not suited for hockey and are waste of money it simply means that the Indian Hockey team are going through a lull phase and with a good coach they should be able to come back.

    The coaches’ nationality and payment have nothing to do with the performance of the team.

    The coach being Indian for foreign does not matter. What matters really is the ability and of the coach to train and coach the players to win. There have been examples where foreign coaches have shown excellent results whereas the have also been cases when they did not perform as expected. Failure in some cases does not mean that foreign coaches are a waste of money. That being said India is a talented country, boasts of many talented players in various sports. Former Indian players can definitely become great coaches if trained correctly.