Girls school, boys school or Co-education

Girls school, boys school or Co-education

In the present time, every now and then, people read about sex instances in the paper where even the kids are not left out. In such a scenario parents of girls are getting more and more conscious. Some of them want their daughter to go for single sex education. Even the parents of boys prefer the same thought. Let us see the arguments for and against the single sex education system:


• There are many parents and educators who believe that students of the opposite gender can be a distraction in the academic time.

• There are many specialized techniques that are often categorized as gender based learning techniques. Such techniques enhance student success.

• A gender stereotype is considered a major problem in developing skills towards a particular subject. In single sex schools it is easy to deal with this problem. The example is girls can opt for the subjects like Science, considered mainly as a male discipline.

• Teachers have a tendency to favor the students of their own gender. This problem creates disparity in coed system.

• Some studies show that warm temperature is better for girls learning, and cooler classrooms works well for boys. Single sex school can focus on this concept to increase efficiency.

• Girls are considered safer in single sex schools and parents believe them it to provide better atmosphere to inculcate moral learning.


• The country hardly has teachers who are expert in the gender specific teaching techniques. So it makes no sense in supporting the single sex education.

• It is not about the gender difference in learning but it is all about the individual learning skills and capabilities that have nothing to do with the type of school.

• After children complete the studies they have to work in the corporate world where there are no gender barriers. Single sex education affects their ability to work together.

• It is considered that higher percentage of girls in coed classroom affects the academic performance of all the students.

• It is the curriculum, teachers and the teaching strategies that define the future of the students.

• Single sex education in a way promotes the patriarchal system. It reminds of the past where boys were sent to schools and girls were confined to the kitchen.


Single sex educations don’t scores more on the aspect of the quality of education. They should only serve as an option for the parents and should not be made a requirement. It is outdated approach and holds no relevance in providing quality education to the students.
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  • RE: Girls school, boys school or Co-education -Deepa Kaushik (05/01/14)
  • Co-education is by far the best means of education system. It makes children learn to respect and help each other irrespective of the gender. The word like equality can be promoted in a better way by co-education than just writing them on papers.

    With the co-education in educational institutes, families should also learn to understand and trust their children. The difference in both the sex is a delicate issue for a teenager to be taught about. This needs to be advocated in a mild and gentle manner into the minds of the teenager with all its pros and cons. Children today are much more sharp and have high grasping aptitude, and they definitely understand the value of relationship and friendship much better than the older generation.

    If the schooling differs with respect to the gender, there comes an attitude problem. Also this gives rise to the curiosity in the growing minds for the opposite gender, which if not moulded properly, leads to filthy and unhealthy thoughts and actions.

    It is on how to impart healthy education regarding gender to the tender age group, rather than discriminating both from the basic school level education.