Give a few examples of media hardware. - Media

Give a few examples of media hardware.

Hard Disk Drives:

- Hard disk drives are most commonly used disk media for storing large amount of data including Operating Systems.

- They are available with terabyte capacity now-a-days.

- It has one or more rigid and rapidly rotating disks.

- These disks are referred as platters.

- They are coated with magnetic material and with magnetic heads to read data.

Solid State Drives:

- A data storage device that uses solid state memory to store data.

- Solid State Drives are electronic disks.

RAID Array Controller:

- A device for managing several internal or external hard disks.

- RAID Array Controller is aimed at achieving performance / reliability improvement.

USB Flash Drive:

- A handy drive that does not require a separate drive.

- It can be inserted into a USB port.

- Capacity of a USB Flash Drive is up to 128 MB now-a-days.
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