Give an example where you had a hot discussion with an internal party or external party

Give an example where you had a hot discussion with an internal party or external party.

On the face of it this may sound like a question trying to check your temper but the real purpose is to see who caused the problem and what role did you play in it – were you the one who caused the problem or solved it?

To answer the question you may chose an example, mention about the problem and focus on how you went about solving the problem.

For e.g. – “I was pretty upset with the way one of my colleagues was working as my activities were dependent on what he did. I tried to explain it to him but he would turn a deaf ear to it. One fine day we had an argument over it – I decided to solve it between us as our manager was occupied with something more important. I proposed that we discussed it in the meeting room rather than in open. I told him how his activities were having a negative impact on his and my work & the department as a whole. I listened to his point of views as well and realized that he had not understood the process well. We spent two hours together understanding and streamlining the process. Once we implemented this process, we saw our problems going down and our performance improved. “
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  • RE: Give an example where you had a hot discussion with an internal party or external party -Farhana Afreen (07/06/15)
  • With all intents and purposes of finding out how well you can handle arguments, the interviewer looks forward to assessing your problem solving skills. The instance you choose to mention should bring out clearly that the role you played was that of the problem solver at the end. There is no winning an argument and that too a heated one, so the real winner is actually the person who gets the situation under control and ends the argument well in kind of settlement beneficial for both parties.

    If you are thinking that simply answering that you never got yourself in any conflict or heated discussion is an easy escape, think again. The interviewer wants to hear how you handle conflicting discussions and let's face it - contentious situations do arise in every job. All you have to prove is that you are a professional who knows how to handle these kind of situations tactfully and at the end of the day, you ensure that the situation ends peacefully through effective communication and understanding between the two parties.
    Problems arise internally as well as externally but a level-headed employee takes the situation under control professionally and keeps his calm no matter what. Bring this forth in your example and make sure you do not brag more than what's required.