Global Waste Management Outlook: Implications for the World

Global Waste Management Outlook: Implications for the World

Question: Global Waste Management Outlook report released in Antwerp, Belgium is the first report of its kind on the international scale. Examine the implications of this report.

- The Global Waste Management Outlook was released on 7th September 2015 at Antwerp, the capital of Belgium

- This is the first report of its kind on waste management

- It was jointly prepared by International Solid Waste Association and UNEP

- Report generates awareness between policy makers and public on different sources of waste, their effect on the health and environment and solutions to cope with the problems

Implications of the Report

- Total global arisings of municipal solid waste is close to 2 billion tonnes per annum

- Urban wastes include commercial and industrial waste, municipal solid waste and construction as well as demolition waste

- Urban waste is estimated at 7 -10 billion tonnes per annum

- Close to 3 billion people worldwide do not have access to controlled waste disposal facilities in the world

- Municipal solid waste collection must reach 100% of the urban population and this is a public health priority as well as crucial for the environment.

e-Waste is the fastest growing waste stream due to the following reasons:

- New inventions

- Rapid changes in Technology

- Rapid rate of absolution

- Increased customer demand

- The report also stressed that 3 Rs namely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle should be used to transform waste into a resource for economies

- Major shift is required from the take-make-use-waste economy to the reduce-recuse-recycle approach to lifecycle of materials

Facts and Stats

- A United Nations University report has estimated that close to 41.8 MT of e-waste was generated in 2014

- This is a massive increase of 25% as against 2010 figure of 33.8 MT

- Report also identified India as a major dumping site for waste and cautioned the nation against increased per capital waste generation.
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