Godrej Placement Paper - Selection Process and Test Pattern

About Godrej

Godrej Industries Ltd. is a part of the Godrej Group, engaged in manufacturing and exporting of oleochemicals like fatty acids, glycerine and fatty alcohols and surfactants such as alpha olefin sulphonate. The company operates in sectors of real estate, consumer products, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security and agricultural products.

In this section, I will be sharing the selection and interview process conducted in campus placement at Godrej.

Selection Process at Godrej

The selection process at Godrej consists of two rounds:

1. General Aptitude
2. Technical Interview

The first round of selection process is General Aptitude that consists of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and English. The test has 40 questions and time alloted is 30 minutes.

Some samples questions that are asked in the test:

1. If there are 6 terms in a series, then find the sum of geometric series 2, 6, 18, 54, _____, _____.


3. One word substitute - Person who writes in a newspaper is called ______.
(a) Journalist (b) Author (c) Narrator (d) Writer

Technical Interview at Godrej

This round has both, technical as well as HR interview. Questions that are asked in technical interview covers the mechanical engineering portion. Some of the sample questions asked are:

1. What is the head of water available at turbine inlet in hydro-electric power plant called?

2. Which carburising method has high production rate?

I hope this information of campus placement at Godrej will be useful to the readers.
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