Godrej verbal questions and answers

The verbal ability test at Godrej is quite similar to what you see at other companies. The questions asked are generally on common patterns like -
what is the mistake in this sentence? Choose the correct word, Comprehension, shuffle the sentences to make a meaningful paragraph etc.

I'll share with you some questions from my test (based on memory):

He is too impatient (for tolerating) any delay.
a.) to tolerate b.) to tolerating c.) at tolerating d.) with tolerating e.) No correction required

The man who has committed such a serious crime must (get the mostly severe) punishment.
a.) be getting the most severely b.) get the most severe c.) have got the most severely
d.) have been getting the severemost e.) No correction required

Choose the word with nearest meaning.
a.) review b.) propel c.) begin d.) push
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