Golf: A Sport or a Game

Golf: A Sport or a Game

Everyone has heard of Tiger Woods and the charm that he has on his followers. He is the first athlete who earned more than $1 billion in form of career earnings. He is one of the most famous and wealthy athlete. Also, the magic of Golf is present in the US and the other countries. Here while writing about gold suddenly I realized should I place Golf in sports group or is it a game? What do you think?


• Golf is a sport as it involves the use of physical abilities and the special skills which are the two essential requirements of any sport.

• Golf involves the muscle use, and is a game of physical exertion with many rounds. It is played with the terms and conditions as in a sport.

• Golf was included as a sport in the International Olympics in the year 1900 and 1904, and every soon it will see a comeback in the International Olympics to be held in year 2016.

• Golfers are considered as athletes and are given benefits as per the athletes making it a sporting event.

• Sports and physical injuries go hand in hand which is not applicable in the case of games. Golf is also associated with a number of physical injuries.


• If the Golf has to be decided as a game or a sport on the basis of dictionary definitions, then it better matches the definition of game as it is a competitive activity with use of skills for amusement purposes.

• Sports are not just limited to the physical activity but they are more about strenuous and rigorous physical activity.

• Any physical activity that can be done leisurely along with the use of snacks and drinks cannot be called a sport.

• Even pokers and darts require the use of games and scores, but they cannot be kept in the category of sports. A small game like Snakes and Ladders involves use of dice, but that doesn’t make it a sport.

• Physical injuries can happen in the case of games also. Sitting whole day on a computer can cause the back injury, that doesn’t implies sitting and typing are a part of sports activities.


Golf is a game or sport, the debate will continue. And sometimes it is good to leave some debates open. Golf is a game with stick and ball, and a game to enjoy leisurely. Game or sport, it is fulfilling the objectives of both. So, it is better to enjoy it rather than spend time on debating over its form.
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  • RE: Golf: A Sport or a Game -Deepa Kaushik (06/06/14)
  • A sport involves the strenuous physical activity, mingled with techniques, scoring, defined rules to play; similar is the game, but that lacks the vigorous physical labour which is a part of sport. Coming on to the discussion of Golf, the physical activity involved in this cannot be labelled as strenuous.

    Golf does have the pleasure factor, a game that can be enjoyed at leisure time as a time pass or as a part of individual interest. This game does involve special techniques and rules, but that does not account to call golf as a sport. Even the indoor games like carom and chess have rules and those do have the championship matches, but that does not qualify them to be called sport. Similar is the case with the golf.

    Playing on the ground on the open atmosphere does not convert a game to be a sport. The game requires a large ground to be played, but it does not involve the physical exercise. Hence, it would be fair enough to include Golf as a game and lets keep enjoying this game with our snacks basket beside.