Good Economics Results In Good Politics

Good Economics Results In Good Politics

There is a prevalent saying in India that good economics cannot result in good politics. However, the concept was challenged by our respected PM Narendra Modi back in 2012 when he won his third mandate as CM of Gujarat. He stated it as the end of the traditional narrative. From thereon, he has come a long way to become India’s PM. Do you think the old truism of India can ever be replaced? Can Good economics result in good politics?


• It has been seen if there is a stable economic growth in a region; the local residents hardly consider opting for any change in the government.

• The last government is criticized for many problems. One should ask why? It was held accountable for the various problems like high inflation and slow growth. It indicates a direct relationship between economics and politics.

• When any region suffers impact of poor economics, the social discontentment rises, giving rise to geographical divide. It further creates problems for existing government.

• Many a times just before the election, politicians record high growth by inflating the economy. It is not good economics and do not yield any positive results.

• There is a famous phrase in the U.S. which was introduced back in 1992 during the U.S. Presidential Campaign. It states that “It’s the economy, stupid.”


• There can be an indirect relationship between economics and politics. The direct relationship doesn’t take into account the literacy factor.

• Good economics cannot result in good politics but yes good politics can result in good economics. Only educated and well-informed leaders can take decisions in favor of the nation.

• There are many other factors that Indian voters prioritize other than economic reforms while selecting a government. They are parochialism, populism or patronage.

• Indians do not cast their vote but they vote their caste. It is what defines the government in India.

• Chandrababu Naidu who is now serving second non-consecutive term as CM of Andhra Pradesh was disregarded by the people in 2004 election despite the strong economic reforms made in between 1995 to 2004.


If we talk about the period between 1980 and 2012, there seems to be no direct relationship between average per capita economic growth and conventional metrics of electoral success. However, trend seems to be changing now. The ground is shifting drastically beneath politicians’ feet. The voters are getting more aware and paying more attention to issues of the economy. With the changing time, it is becoming imperative to have good economics for achieving good politics.
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  • RE: Good Economics Results In Good Politics -Deepa Kaushik (04/18/15)
  • Well, we can take this argument otherwise. Good politics result in good economics. Very aptly said, well-educated leaders with experience and taste of different platforms of life, are the ones who can have a better judgement of the scenario and take effective decisions. These decisions of the leaders affect the lives of the people directly or indirectly. These decisions which make good or bad politics spread the image of the leader and their Governance and hence aid to the economic growth.

    People fall prey to the outcomes that hamper their day-to-day life. The economic growth of a segment could be one strong point for the vote bank, but that alone cannot act as the central pillar to carry on the political regime. When we talk of Mr. Modi’s rule as CM, his initial term did seek his important decisions which led to the good economics. Those decisions were his individual talent which made good politics and followed the good economics to add to his political tactics.

    We can also say this is a question that goes round the vicious circle again and again. The good politics leading to the good economics, builds up the expectation from the leader to have some more good politics and economics and the round goes on. Be that a good economics leading to good politics or good politics leading to good economics; what people do expect at the end of the day is the brilliant leadership providing good Governance leading to the economic growth.
  • RE: Good Economics Result In Good Politics -Nilesh R (04/17/15)
  • No doubt a good economics can provide stable and better politics. People trust more on a party who work hard on economic growth. They go on voting for a candidate who is above stalled old ideology of caste, creed and religion; provide an environment of economic dynamism and inspire people to work for the benefit of the region. The ground is never stable for those who play with the sentiments of people and have no development agenda. With the advent of social media, people are now well educated about positive happenings with regard to development. Indeed, our PM Mr. Modi has achieved the high post owing to his history of heading a great governance in Gujarat which had given high growth metrics.