Good packaging makes a product sellable

Good packaging makes a product sellable


Impressive packaging is known to impress buyers into buying the product. Studies have shown that since around 1950, consumers have started paying attention to the packaging of a product. A neat and carefully packed product will certainly have the power of impressing a consumer.

Role of packaging in the buying decision
When considering starting a new business, potential entrepreneurs are advised to look after the following important things:

• Acquiring suitable licenses where applicable,

• Registering the company according to the Companies’ Act,

• Registering the name and logo of the company,

• Packaging the products carefully,

• Strategic marketing, etc.

These, among others are considered important in the success of a business and as we see - Packaging is one of them.

According to experts, packaging of a product is one of the important factors in the purchasing decision making process. It is considered one among the five P's of marketing. A well packaged product definitely attracts the buyers. The reason for this is proved in the old adage - ‘the first impression is the best impression’. The packaging is the first thing a potential buyer notices about a product. This gives her or him an idea whether the product has the power to satisfy her or his needs.

A good package should consist of basic information like manufacture and expiry date (where applicable), the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of the product, details of the manufacturer, brief instructions on how to handle the product (where applicable), among others. A good packaging should also ensure that the product inside is well protected. The product should not face threats of leaking or cracking. It should be colorful and neat, to attract the attention of the customer.

Likewise, the packing should also protect food items from insect attacks, which can not only spoil the contents, but also cause a bad reputation for the manufacturers. An example for this is the crisis chocolate makers Cadbury’s faced a few years ago. There were several cases of insects found inside the chocolates, resulting in the chocolates getting spoiled. This gave a severe hit to the popularity of Cadbury’s, and they had to overhaul their packaging, invest in a new marketing strategy involving Amitabh Bacchan in order to recover. In spite of all their efforts, it took them some time to regain position as favorite chocolate makers in India.


To conclude, the packaging of a product increases its sale value by several notches. Smart packaging can convince buyers to buy a product. Especially in the case of competitors, consumers will choose the product with better packaging over the competing product of a different brand. So, if you wish to start your own business, make sure you pack it well, to ensure healthy sale. As they say, well begun is half done!
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  • RE: Good packaging makes a product sellable -Deepa Kaushik (05/03/14)
  • Though not completely correct, but yes packaging gives a good scope of marketing of the product. The fact of the good output for a manufacturer remains unaltered that the product should be good in quality and its durability. Still, the outer look need to be fascinating to attract a large number of people.

    The era has changed to hard-core, aggressive marketing. Sales has become a profession which is target based for the selling employees. It becomes a matter of monetary benefit and grade appreciation for the employee to sell maximum number of the products. Even if look out for the small scale vender or a businessman, again every product sale adds to his monetary value.

    A product once sold can be evaluated for its value. But it becomes a crucial note to attract the customers for that first initiating attempt. This definitely calls up for the overlook which comes from its packaging. Packaging in itself is an art which has to have innovative ideas to be differentiated from the others. We can definitely look forward to packaging as a specialised department with a unit developed for its designing and implementation.
  • Good packaging makes a product sellable -Nupur Bhargava (04/04/14)
  • Good packaging makes the product sellable

    Packaging plays an important role when you have to sell any product. The various types of packaging play an imperative role in the production, preservation, distribution and marketing of consumer goods and other products.

    We all tend to buy products with an appealing package and hence any product which has an attractive packaging will always sell more than a product which has poor packaging. For the products which do not sell, the first thing that the manufacturer does is to change the packaging of the product for example, bottle shape, colour, smell, etc. which may make the product appealing. Hence it is very important that a product must have good packaging for it to be able to sell in the market.

    The main function of packaging is to safeguard the product from impairment not only during the transportation time but also while it is shelved in the retail store. When you go to a super store to buy a shampoo, you will always first pick up the most attractive looking bottle amongst the lot of shampoos. Hence a lot of corporations conduct widespread research on colour scheme, designs and types of product packaging which may charm the most to the consumer. When you pack a product the details of the product are also included in the packaging for example: the ingredients used in making of the product, the product are suitable on which skin type in case of cosmetics. Additionally, packaging helps the product to look different from the other products of the same branch, because people remember the packaging of the product when they go to buy the product.

    There are number of factors in packaging that help make the product standout from other products. The packaging of the product should not only be attractively designed but the product should be safe in the packaging, i.e. the product should not get spoilt and loose its characteristics in the packaging. Even when the product is advertised, the packaging point is the main stressed point in the advertisement for it to help in selling the product. Packaging is the most important USP in selling a product.

    Hence it is concluded that a good packaging will help in selling the product and will also help the product to stand out from the rest of the competitors.