Google Campus Placement - Procedure & Information

Google Campus Placement - Procedure & Information

We all know Google is a well-known brand amongst the Internet related services and industry and being a huge industry they need employees and conduct campus placements to fulfil the vacancies. Google being the best in the industry the selection procedure is pretty much stringent as they need to hire the best employees for their company.

The selection process in the past few years has been observed to include Aptitude and Technical test, Group discussion round and lastly the interview round. The marking scheme consists is +3 for a correct answer and -1 for a negative answer. Few of the questions asked in the past few years are:

1. Find the n/4th element of an array in 0 (n) times; in that case what is the worst time complexity of quick sort algorithm if this algorithm is used to decide the pivot element.

2. Contemplate an N*N matrix in which the elements are either 0 or 1. Find how many such matrixes are probable that are symmetric in nature.

3. Inscribe a program to find the index in a circular display such that the string that is made starting from that index is first in lexicographic order.

4. Design a website similar to

Above mentioned questions are some sample questions, the written tests is quite difficult. In one of the written tests conducted, out of the bunch of students who appeared for the written test only 12 students could clear the round and proceed for the interview round further. You need to be thorough with your basics to clear the written test. Google is very punctual about conducting the interviews, not only do they reach on the assigned time but they expect you to also do the same and be punctual.

The interview round begins once you have cleared the written test; the questions range from personal background to educational qualification to questions based on codes, algorithms and case studies, programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, RDMS, DBMS, Operating Systems and networking.

The interviewing team looks for smart, team – oriented people and the main qualities that they look while recruiting people is leadership, knowledge relating to the profile being applied for, your concepts and ideas of working. These are the main qualities that Google looks for in its employees.
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