Government of India and ADB Loan Agreement: Overview

Government of India and ADB Loan Agreement: Overview

Question : Government of India and ADB have recently signed a loan agreement for supporting the National Urban Health Mission/NUHM. Provide an overview of this.

- Government of India and Asian Development Bank have signed a USD 300 million loan for supporting the flagship programme of the government, the National Urban Health Mission aimed at improving the status of the urban population of the country

- The loan referred to as Supporting National Urban Rural Health Mission will supplement government efforts under NUHM to develop health systems in urban settings which can transmit quality health services and reach the marginalised and urban poor

- It will also focus on strengthening PHC and promote effective coordination between health and urban sections

- It will also promote PPP opportunities

- Programme’s due attention is for attaining convergence in specific sectors that affect urban health and involve urban local bodies in delivery of health services

- ADB’s results based lending modality will strengthen the NUHM systems and complete result orientation while granting latitude to states for pursuing goals they need to attain locally

- Signatories to the loan also signed a capacity building technical assistance loan of USD 2 million as per the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction

Facts and Stats

- National Urban Health Mission is a sub-mission of the National Health Mission

- It was approved by the Cabinet on May 1st, 2013

- NUHM is to cover cities and states with population of more than 50,000 as per the 2011 census

- This includes capital cities and state headquarters

- Cities and towns with populations lower than 50,000 will be covered under the NHRM
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