GRAMSAT Satellites: Overview

GRAMSAT Satellites: Overview

Question: ISRO has come up with dedicated GRAMSAT satellites for ensuring rural development. Discuss.

- ISRO has come up with dedicated GRAMSAT satellites with the need in mind to eradicate illiteracy in the rural belt

- This is crucial for the all round rural development of the nation

- GRAMSAT satellite carries 6 to 8 high powered C band transponders

- These combine with video compression methods for the dissemination of regional and cultural specific audio-visual programmes pertinent in each of the regional languages through rebroadcast of ordinary television sets

- High power in the C-band have enabled remote area viewers which are outside the TV’s reach to be able to receive the programmers of their choice in direct reception mode with simple dish antenna

- GRAMSAT’s communications network are at state level and provide connections between state capitals, districts and blocks

- This enables the satellite to reach villages and rural areas

- It also enhanced computer connectivity data broadcasting and TV broadcasting facilities which have helped applications such as e-governance, development information, teleconferencing and aiding disaster management

- Provision of rural education broadcasting is the goal of this satellite project which provides:

- Interactive training at district and block levels using suitable configuration

- Broadcasting services for development of rural areas

- Computer interconnectivity and data exchange services

- Telehealth and medicine services

Facts and Stats

- As per the GRAMSAT scheme ISRO aims to provide necessary satellite bandwidth to concerned state governments

- Around INR 9 crore will be spent over span of three years for providing satellite bandwidth

The following programmes are being implemented under GRAMSAT network to promote tribal development :

- ‘Kuch Soche Kuch Samjhe’,
- ‘Bhor Honewali Hai’,
- ‘ Kahani Baba’,
- ‘Ek Tha Raja’,
- ‘Baat Hamari’
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