Greater political power alone cannot improve women’s plight

Greater political power alone cannot improve women’s plight


India comes in the group of countries which are considered as most dangerous countries for women to live in. The problem of gender abuse and discrimination still exists on a large scale in the country. Moreover these issues are used by the political parties to accomplish their own selfish objectives. Women are not considered as a threat when it comes to political positioning. However, the other important issues like education, security, health, and empowerment remain at stake.

The condition of women
India is walking firm on the path of modernization. If at one end its GDP rate has grown then on the other hand the problems of women including acid attacks, rape, dowry deaths, honor killing, trafficking and others have increased at a steady rate. The problem of female infanticide is the oldest problem of country. Most of the criminals involved in the cases escape the punishment from law.

Women are the victims of the repugnant customs, vices and traditional rigidities since years. They are denied to live a life of quality on the basis of traditional socio-cultural practices. Women were denied education and equality. They have to follow the malpractices like forced child marriage, polygamy etc. The worst fear remains to get hit daily, sometimes by the in-laws, sometimes by husband or sometimes by the society itself. Individuality doesn’t hold any significance for her. The poor structure of law and order merely adds to her woes. There is no one who can come ahead and help her out from the miserable conditions.

The need for change

When India is moving ahead on the path of globalization, it becomes imperative to improve the condition of women in the country. Just giving her place in the political arena will not change the things entirely. The need is to take some stiff measures leading to a complete evolution in the status of women. In the present world, women are getting financially independent. It is the first step towards change. Whether accept it or deny it, but the change starts from the person itself. The real change comes from the education.

Education can enhance the career mobility in women’s life. She can stand for her rights and can get recognized for her economic contribution. She can fight to get the freedom in the various spheres of life. The repression will no longer be the reality of her life. She can deny from becoming a dumb cattle in the male dominated society.

Don’t accept but approach

Women have to start with a new way of living life. She has to become more mobile and approach the authorities to get her rights. The legal framework provides multiple rights to women. The need is to recognize those rights and fight for it. The time is here when she has to get up and stop accepting whatever she is given by the society. It is her life and therefore she must approach the higher officials to solve her grievances.

Economic freedom

The next important step contributing to the individuality of women is economic freedom. In the present society, women are working and contributing equally in financial terms. However, still the educated women take up the entire responsibilities of family along with their work. She should ask for sharing of responsibilities in household chores. Men should become an equal partner when it comes to taking care of the household tasks. It includes the upbringing of children and providing them with the quality time. The labor patterns need to be changed for women.

The right to resources

Women should have the access to the resources at par with men. The resources can make her life as she won’t be dependent on her parents or husband to start up with her work. She can move ahead with her financial goals without any dependence. Government should come up with special facilities like better infrastructure, health care facilities and child care facilities for women. The small changes can lead to a big change in women’s life.

Be a part of decision making

There is a normal trend that whenever it comes to taking an important decision, it is taken by the male head of the family. Women are not involved in the decision making process. The issues like children’s education, family health care, credit, assets and many other decisions are finalized solely by the male head of the family. The pattern needs to be changed. Women should not be restricted to the food preparation. She has every right to speak her on the various matters including the financial issues.


In Indian society, the changes related to women don’t come easily. Child marriages are still prevalent in some places of country. Women empowerment has to start with the women itself. Greater political power is just a small part of women empowerment. It alone doesn’t have the power to change the plight of women. Women should come together and form a pan-India group specifically working for the women liberation. They have to come out of their socio-cultural boundaries to help the group as a whole. In same terms, India needs a strong leader who can create a social awareness about the individual rights and can place a strong foundation of change for women.
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