Growth and earning potential of Video Jockey

Is Video Jockey a viable career option in today’s world?

As you would know live shows are very popular among youth in today’s world. Thus, a career as a jockey or a video jockey (VJ) is a fast emerging as a viable career option. For someone who has an interest in music, or likes to talk or to present things, a career as a video jockey could be fulfilling and highly lucrative. Relatively speaking, a video jockey’s career has a short life span. But this short span, one can earn so much money, name, and fame that it’s hard to find any negative aspect in this career.

It is also viable as there is ample opportunity for Video Jockey’s in music channels, music shows and film related programmes. Many Video Jockey’s get to host shows in other countries. Apart from anchoring, an experienced Video Jockey can also work in theatre, movies and music videos. If a candidate manages to acquire fame and status then several other avenues also open up making this career option a viable one.

I want to have an idea as to what the salary package of a Video Jockey is.

There is a great scope for the profession with the explosion of satellite channels and more and more music channels being launched. The success of the music show depends entirely on the Video Jockey’s ability to connect with the audience and make them come back for more. Although this is a short lived career, within that short time span, a successful Video Jockey can earn between Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 30,000/-, running up to lakhs depending upon the popularity of the show. Apart from the earnings, the glamour and popularity associated with the profession attracts youngsters to the field.

A video jockey’s earnings depend mainly on the popularity of his show. More popular the show becomes, more is the income. The more famous you will get the more increment will happen. Thus, it is a very rewarding field.
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