Growth prospects in Nanotechnology

What growth is expected in this field?

In the coming day’s nanotechnology will show diverse advancement in medicine. The medicines will be of the size of a blood cell that will directly go into the human body, eradicating pathogens and keeping people healthy. Nanofabricators would allow the creation of macro-scale objects on an atom-by-atom basis. Home appliances using this technology could serve as 3-D printers - downloading products from the web and literally building them from scratch. Physical items may have their own code or algorithm that would program the machine to create them. Quantum computers, invisibility cloaks and space elevators may one day become a reality. In the more distant future, nanotechnology could allow humans to make the transition to fully non-biological forms. Entire bodies and brains could be reconstructed at the atomic scale, leading to practical immortality.
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