GSJG Report on "Confronting the Crisis of Global Governance": Recommendations

GSJG Report on “Confronting the Crisis of Global Governance”: Recommendations

Question: The Commission on Global Justice, Security and Governance /GSJG released a report entitled “Confronting the Crisis of Global Governance” at the Hague’s Peace Palace for reforming the United Nations/UN. Discuss its salient recommendations.

Key Recommendations

• Committee has recommended to create next generation conflict mediation and building of peace operations capacity. Commission has also called for responsive capacity building for skilled mediators including more provision for involvement of women officers for the following:

- Crisis management
- Conflict Prevention
- Peace Building
- Capacity Building for deployment of civilian police
- Meeting critical peacekeeping needs

• The committee has also boosted the duty to prevent protect and rebuild in the face of strife and atrocities

• Innovation resulting in climate governance through engagement between the UN and global regimes, sub national authorities, civil society and business groups for establishing an international carbon monitoring entity was also recommended

• A global climate action clearinghouse and definition of the international goals for climate mitigation and adaptation for the UN were also part of the recommendations

• The report also stressed that UN should focus on development of green technology licensing facility with green climate fund and harnessing of private sector for innovative climate adaptation and mitigation, more so for vulnerable people in developing nations

• The report also emphasised creation of a G20+ for economic stability and sustainable development to prevent cross border financial shocks and generate inclusive economic reforms fostering balanced growth

• Promotion of safe internet and fending off cyber attacks through an international network of cybercrime centres via INTERPOL and CERTs/Computer Emergency Response Teams was also recommended by the report

• Creating an inclusive UN Global Partnership to provide more support to weaker sections of society and under represented policy issues such as women’s rights and migration

• A new hub whereby entire UN system can utilise the expertise of civilian and business community was proposed

• Expansion of the UNSC engagement to create chances for countries, regional bodies and local authorities to influence peacemaking and peace building while enhancing the representative legitimacy of the council was also recommended

• The committee also recommended the setting up of a UN Peace Building Council for transforming the peace building commission into a council with fresh coordination authorities, novel financial and up to date knowledge resources and a stress on conflict prevention via peace building audits

• Complete use of the ICJ was also stressed with expansion of the jurisdiction of the international court and more active use of its authoritative advisory opinions in innovative manner

• Creation of a UN Parliamentary network for the UNGA to raise greater awareness about strengthening of global institutions was a final recommendation

Facts and Stats

• GSJG was co-chaired by ex US Secretary of State and Ambassador to the UN, M. A. Albright and former Nigerian FM and UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs, Ibrahim A Gambari

• Report indicated that UN and other global institutions are not able to meet international challenges from violence and strife in states to climate change and global economic shock. More is needed from UN and other global institutions

• UN gets capable tools of global governance to attend to challenges through this report
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