Happiness is a mystery like religion, and it should not be rationalized - Group Discussion

We all have our own definitions of happiness. While some of us are satisfied and happy only if we are stable financially, the rest are happy even otherwise. The secret of happiness is to be satisfied with what we have. Happiness, just like religion is vast and holds different meaning to all of us.


- Happiness cannot be concluded. It’s a never ending feeling.

- The Pursuit for happiness can never be stopped. Hence we should rationalize it.

- Happiness is an emotion that can be felt. And we must never rationalize emotions.

- Happiness just like religion, to each one of us means different and holds differently within us.

- They say that happiness is a mystery because at times unknowing things give us happiness.

- Happiness just like religion cannot be found. You just get it and feel it.


- Religion has standard set of rules and rituals we follow. Happiness doesn’t.

- Happiness is an emotion. Religion for the most part, is not an emotion.

- There comes a time when we all start to quantify happiness and say “we will be very happy, if we achieve what we want”.

- We all know and realize what will make us happy. This defies the statement that happiness is like a mystery.

Happiness is a very individualistic feeling. Not all of us are content with what we have. Some of us want more while some accept things the way they are and still be happy. It is true that we must not quantify or rationalize happiness. If we start to do that, we lose our emotional shade.
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