Has Common Man Been Fooled By The NDA Government On Black Money?

Has Common Man Been Fooled By The NDA Government On Black Money?

After the completion of 100 days of the NDA government, BJP is facing all round attacks on the works promised but not completed during this period. One of the most important topics catching attention of common masses, opposition and media is matter of black money. BJP promised to bring the black money stashed abroad in 100 days. It has even said that it will distribute a part of it to the common people. Well, benefitting the common men is distant dream when the government has failed to keep its promise. So, what do you think? Has NDA fooled the common man on black money? Has the party been hypocritical on black money?


• It is the common trend of the political parties to promise big things before election or listing them in manifesto, and later forgetting to complete them. BJP is no exception.

• From the time SIT was set up, only debates are going on the black money issue with no solid results in hand.

• At a time, when the government should focus more on bringing back the black money, it is busy in providing Z security to Baba Ramdev who campaigned for the party during elections.

• The ruling party has taken the excuse of DTAA and cited tax pact with Germany so as to avoid naming black money holders.

• BJP promised that it will deposit 15 lakh in every citizen’s account and garnered their votes before election. It was just a part of their election campaign.

• The BJP government has started well, and doing well on various fronts. It might have missed the deadline on black money issue but is moving slowly and steadily on right track.

• The ruling party successfully set the SIT to probe the black money in the foreign banks. The first step is taken, results will follow.

• Why there is urgency in pushing BJP government when Congress did nothing in its last two terms. Give BJP some time and then follow up constructively.

• Government named three black money holders in an affidavit to Supreme Court and has even requested to make changes in confidentiality clause.

• FM Arun Jaitley said that populism is no solution to the issue. He is right on his stance as the holders of black money accounts are high-profile people who
will take defensive stance if the names are revealed.


The opposition is demanding an apology from PM Narendra Modi for his failure to fulfil his promise of bringing back the black money from abroad in 100 days and then distributing a part of it to each citizen. Well, there is no denial that PM Modi failed to keep his promise but it is the common man who should demand the apology from government. Moreover, when FM has apologized, it indicates the government knows they have failed on their part. Here, the main issue is not getting apology from PM, but the main issue is to know what the government intends to do to bring the black money back from abroad in future.
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  • RE: Has Common Man Been Fooled By The NDA Government On Black Money? -Debakar Patro (12/07/14)
  • In my opinion..its not been fooled by NDA government.. Its easy to speak anything to public before election because they want the power of Democracy. Whey the started ruling the country then the term will come pressure and it should require a planned way to bet back the black money.. they are already on trac...it will take time to execute the plans..
  • RE: Has Common Man Been Fooled By The NDA Government On Black Money? -Deepa Kaushik (12/03/14)
  • All of us know the current status of the country which is totally bounded by corruption and black money holders. It is not all that easy to bring out all the black money in no time. The action definitely requires a planned movement and measure which has been well initiated by the SIT probe.

    It is very early to judge the BJP for its performance on the black money. Yes, they could have avoided reavealing the time-period for taking out the black money and distribution of the same amongst the citizens during their election campaign. Though it is well-known Indian election trend that the politicians not only fail but tend to forget the election manifesto when they come in power, still if BJP was very much serious in their honest performance, then they could have skipped the fixed time-period for the same.

    We cannot speak in favour of the Government just by their initiation through the set-up of SIT probe. It is just a start which is not even a drop from the ocean. The black money matter has a long way to go to have a deep analysis and extraction of the money from the corrupt person. In the same time, we should not go deadly against the party for their incapability in keeping up the promise.

    It is high time when the citizens should fasten themselves and take seriousness in the matter. Not for have a portion of the money in their accounts, but to make our country a clean chit against the corruption charges. Instead of blaming BJP and asking for the apology for the PM, if we citizens encourage their jestures to fasten their approach, it would be a positive note. Pressuring them by marking their failures would only slow up the process, as a negative pressure is always a hindrance to the flow. Let us make BJP keep aligned on to the track on black money extraction and avoid them getting slipped off their track towards this work. Keeping an eagle eye with encouraging attitude is what is required by common man as of now.