Has India done a right thing by stopping the dialogue with Pakistan?

Has India done a right thing by stopping the dialogue with Pakistan?

India and Pakistan is yet again in world’s focus because of recent cease fire violations. While it is evident that Pakistan provoked Indian forces first and violated the ceasefire, Government of India decided to halt talks at all levels with Pakistan. The opponents of this decision have criticized the government’s stand stating that bilateral talk is the effective medium to convey India’s dissent to Pakistan. Should India has refrained itself from taking such a crucial decision?


-Talk is the only medium where delegates from both countries can sit face to face to present their respective point of views.

-In absence of talks, there is a complete deadlock and it becomes difficult for one side to convey it thoughts or apprehensions to other side.

-Since India took the decision to halt talks, it gives Pakistan the opportunity to project a negative Indian image at international level.

-Talks followed by media briefings act as a medium of propagating each side’s stand, dissents and expectations from other side to deescalate tensions at international level.

-Most importantly, negotiations have remained the preferred option for sorting out the contentious issues for a long time.


-The best way to lodge a strong protest is to stop talks, especially when there is difference between Pakistan’s commitments and actual actions.

-Every time India approached Pakistan with a friendly attitude, Pakistan has hit back either by war or unnecessary provocation through ceasefire violations.

-India has tried every possible way, from flag meetings to foreign secretary level talks. The failures at different levels ultimately forced government to opt for this extreme decision.

-Pakistan has shown more interest in raising the issue in UN and has been least interested in talks unlike India.

Though negotiation is undoubtedly the best medium to resolve any crisis, but only when both countries are serious about it. Pakistan’s insistence on UN has shown its disrespect to direct bilateral negotiation. In the absence of conducive and peaceful environment for peace especially at borders, decision to hold talks can be justified. Ultimately, Pakistan will have to come forward and initiate actions to reflect its serious intentions otherwise it will be on losing side vis-à-vis India in the event of stalled talks.
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  • RE: Has India done a right thing by stopping the dialogue with Pakistan? -jayesh negi (10/10/15)
  • Enough of talks India has talked so much to pakistan regarding cease fire violations but pakistan on the other hand had always done sonething negative. I think its time for India to do something at least ..we all must get a chance to say ache din aa gye..
  • RE: Has India done a right thing by stopping the dialogue with Pakistan? -manish (11/15/14)
  • I think pakistan is bunch of people which are extrimist. It basically runs by Dawwod and other terrorist organisation. In the country government is controlled by army. Now ceasefire is done by army. How can we expect a government which is controlled by army to stop it. First of whole pakistan should be come together to stop this violence. Government of pakistan has many political pressure from separatists as well, so they keep on raissing indio-pak border issue to UN. There is lack of integrity in Pakistan. If India keeps on talking then this integrity cant be establish. It will be establish only when they come together and it can only happen when there is a war between these countries. Finally India with his super army will win and pakistan will understand that challenging india will going to cost them financially and politically as well. Then they will stop doing cease fire violation.

  • RE: Has India done a right thing by stopping the dialogue with Pakistan? -siya more (11/13/14)
  • India's action to cancel talks with Pakistan is not wrong in any way as India has given many chances to Pakistan to stop it's double faced activities. Every time Pak violated cease fire and India tried for making relationships better, but it's not the mere responsibility of India make things in place. Until and unless Pakistan takes the peace dialogue seriously, its simply wastage of time to carry out any such talks. Also Pakistan has to make realize that these talks are for the benefit of both nations, and its not the duty of India alone to be serious for it. Hence the action taken by India is practical.
  • RE: Has India done a right thing by stopping the dialogue with Pakistan? -kishan (10/25/14)
  • i think dialogues are medium of sorting out diffrences but..pakistan has shown double standards every time.its of no use use of such talks when people keep dying at border by fire violation at border .so..by stopping foriegn level talks with pakistan india has shown tht india can be tough
  • RE: Has India done a right thing by stopping the dialogue with Pakistan? -Deepa Kaushik (10/16/14)
  • Stopping the talks with Pakistan is again a way of projecting our discontentment towards the violation if ceasefire operations. At every point India has always co-operated to hold on the peace at the border. War front would just lead to loss of life and property. But Pakistan is keen towards carrying on the discussion at UN. In such a scenario, there is nothing wrong in stopping the talks with such a country.

    India had been in talks with Pakistan so far since our Independence, but in vain. It is always observed that Pakistan is not good in keeping up their words. Their tendency to invoke disharmony at the border every now and then with violation of ceasefire is obviously not appreciable. Talk can hold good only if both countries remain determined to stick to their words.

    Bilateral talks haven't yield any good in these years. If UN is the place where Pakistan wants to take up the issue, then we don't need to fear for anything. We had been cooperating on the International front, and it is not India who wants war. We are well satisfied by holding peace. All that we need is a permanent solution to this lingering issue. If that place is UN then there is nothing wrong in going there for a permanent resolution.

    Provided Pakistan is not interested in mutual talks or keeping up their words, we are not wrong in our firm say of stopping the dialouge with Pakistan.