Have you ever felt being overloaded with work? How did you deal with it?

Have you ever felt being overloaded with work? How did you deal with it?

Pressure is an inseparable part of business. However, it can take different forms. At times, it will be the pressure of escalating your performance while at others; it could be the pressure of meeting the deadlines or some pressure at home.

The purpose of this question is not to see whether you feel overwhelmed by work – because at some point of time all of us do. The deeper purpose of the question is to see how you do handle the pressure.

So, discuss the strategies like prioritizing the work, taking quick actions, striking off the completed items off the list, delegation etc. or anything else you do to handle the work pressure.
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  • RE: Have you ever felt being overloaded with work? How did you deal with it? -Farhana Afreen (09/22/15)
  • This question is to test how you perform under stressful situations and challenges. You will say, as expected by the interviewer, that you are a controlled person and that you don't let challenges upset you or show in your work but the interviewer will be paying more heed to something that can tell the tale in contrast to your statement. You body language should be in sync with your statement. While you would be saying that you could handle work overload without any stress, the subconscious part of your brain will make you remember the situation and immediately the displeasure will show on your face and body language. If you are saying that you were fine with handling work overloaded, your expressions should also say the same thing.

    We do feel stressed under work overload and there is no use denying it completely. Play safe here and tell them that you did undergo stress in the initial days of sudden and unexpected work overload but with time and experience you have learnt that getting frustrated creates more hurdles and hence you now handle with learnt strategies and planning on how to handle the work well. Good coordination amongst team members and planned distribution of tasks can, for instance, help in such situations.

    If you are new to the field and still have problem handing work overload, you can say that you do have problems handling work overload but you are working on it and would like to get accustomed to challenges over time.
  • RE: Have you ever felt being overloaded with work? How did you deal with it? -Nupur Bhargava (05/13/15)
  • Stress and pressure is an inevitable part of working in a professional environment. Here in this question the interviewer is not only trying to assess you on how do you deal with stressful situations but is already testing you, as while appearing for the interview you are already stressed and by asking this question he will actually test you how well do you answer this question.

    The key to answer this question is; you can quote some recreational things like practising yoga or meditation on a regular basis, reading a book or taking a small break and rejuvenating yourself instead of giving violent answers like yelling or different means of venting out frustration.

    Or alternately you could also quote some strategies like prioritising work, delegation of work amongst the subordinates, discussing with colleagues, close monitoring and follow – ups on each steps, time management.