Higher studies after Civil Engineering

What are all the suitable options for higher studies in civil engineering?

Civil engineering is very popular subject and it provides many suitable options for higher studies and they are as follows:

1. Master of Design (M.Des) – this degree deals with conceptualization and designing of the industrial requirement. This required good logical skills to provide creative and logical solutions to the problems affecting the environment and life.

2. Master of Building Engineering and Management (MBEM) - this involves building engineering concepts and providing scheduling and other techniques to manage it.

3. Master in Architecture (M.Arch) – this involves creating architecture or framework or design with viewpoints for industries. This involves creating housing plans, industrial designs, urban designs, etc.

4. Master in Technology (M.Tech) – this involves structural engineering, study of CAD systems, CAD systems with structural analysis.

5. Master of Planning – this deals with planning of environment and transport.

6. Master of Business Administration (MBA) – this is a diploma course that provides the knowledge of industrial engineering and management.
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  • RE: Higher studies after Civil Engineering -Mrudula (06/14/19)
  • I am very much interested in interior design.
    What are the higher studies or courses that I can perform
  • RE: Higher studies after Civil Engineering -Abhinav Sinha (12/05/14)
  • Whoa! This is what I was looking for! I’m doing my B.Tech in Civil Engineering with Specialization in Infrastructure Development from UTM Shillong. Was looking for some good PG program options to pursue after completing my graduation and I think the top three programs that you have mentioned are simply best for me seeking my current specialization. Thanks again! I will discuss these specializations with my faculty members, they are of great support for me and I’m sure they will help me in choosing the right one among these