Honeywell Placement Papers- Operating System Questions

Honeywell Placement Papers- Operating System Questions

Here are a few Operating system questions asked in the Honeywell Technical interview:

1. In linux what command is used to sort the lines of data in a file in reverse order?
A. sort - r
B. st
C. sh
D. None of the above.

2. A system program that combines the separately compiled modules of a program into a form suitable for execution
A. assembler
B. linking loader
C. cross compiler
D. None of the above

3. Why is Link encryption used?
A. is used only to debug
B. is less secure than end-to-end encryption
C. cannot be used in a public network
D. None of the above

4. From the following which of them is a block device
A. mouse
B. printer
C. disk
D. terminal

5. What are the advantages of using assembly language rather than machine language?
A. It is mnemonic and easy to read.
B. Addresses any symbolic, not absolute
C. Introduction of data to program is easier
D. all of the above

6. Can you explain why paging is used?

7. Explain what is a long term scheduler?

8. Explain the benefits of multithreaded programming?

9. Explain what are operating system services?

10. Explain what is meant by short term schedulers?

11. Explain what are deadlock prevention techniques?
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