Hotel & Restaurant Management Career Objective and Career Summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Hotel and Restaurant Management

Career Objective:

To attain the post of “Manager” in one of your chain of Hotels, where I can learn while delivering my potential skills of hospitality towards the development of the organization.

Career Summary:

- B.H.M. with 7 year experience in the industry into the managerial position.
- Sound knowledge and talented enough to incorporate new ideas to maximize the Hotel guests, and achieving the customer satisfaction to enhance the revenues.
- Ability to maintain tie-ups with the corporate groups by helping them with their corporate leverage.
- Ability to develop and implement staff training programs.
- Monitoring the work quality and the effective customer service.
- Experience of helping the tourists with the nearby tourism details and arranging the transportation for them.
- Experience of handling the suppliers, vendors and the contractors in an efficient manner.
- Excellent leadership skills including the stringent disciplinary actions to be taken against the staff.
- Experience of maintaining the records and creating reports regarding the hotel accounts to be discussed with the Hotel owners.
- Timely resolving the customer issues.
- Soft spoken to the customers, maintaining professionalism towards the work.
- Hard-working, punctual with efficient time-management skills.
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  • Hotel & Restaurant Management Career Objective and Career Summary -Teena Bhatia (06/24/14)
  • Career Objective:

    To secure a mid-level position as a Hotel and Restaurant Manager where I can demonstrate my customer management and multitasking skills in enhancing the customer satisfactions and maximizing revenue and sales.

    Career Summary:

    • 3 years work experience in the field of hospitality industry after completion of Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management.
    • Experience of supervising the daily activities and monitoring and tracking the shifts of the employees.
    • Expertise in developing new and impressive menu and designing the new marketing plans.
    • Well versed with the procedures and regulations need to be followed in the food industry.
    • Have enhanced the hotel revenues by more than 20% in a time span of just six months.
    • Increased the clients step in by more than 505 by designing new marketing and offers to attract more customers.
    • Have reduced the control expenses and labor costs by more than 10% in a time span of just three months.