How can I become a public health professional?

What is public health?

Public Health is the field of science which deals with protecting and improving the health of communities through education and promotion of healthy living and doing research for disease and injury prevention.

Who are public health professionals?

Public health professionals come from the various educational backgrounds with different field of expertise. They deal with the complex health issues which includes improving health status, reducing and controlling infectious disease and minimizing the environmental hazards. They are involved in developing the programs to protect the health of the populations. These populations can be small or big.

How do I enter in public health profession?

The field of public health is highly varied and encompasses many academic disciplines. However, public health is mainly composed of the following core areas:
• Behavioral Science/Health Education
• Biostatistics
• Emergency Medical Services
• Environmental Health
• Epidemiology
• Health Services Administration/Management
• International/Global Health
• Maternal and Child Health
• Nutrition
• Public Health Laboratory Practice
• Public Health Policy
• Public Health Practice
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