How can I find a job in Forensic Science? How much salary can a Forensic Science professional earn?

How can I find a job in Forensic Science?

With increase in the number of crime cases and looking at the complicacies they have in the present context, there is also an increase in the demand of experts to solve and prevent the criminal cases. To start with, the fresher’s can get associated with the forensic laboratory to get acquainted with the laboratory techniques and to gain instrumentation experiences. Forensic lab internships are also a good job to start a career. Forensic science experts are much in demand in the foreign countries than in India. The criminal cells of the police department offers job for forensic science professionals. Experts in this field can also work as legal counselors.

How much salary can a Forensic Science professional expect to earn?

Same as in careers like this, income of the Forensic Science professional depends on the qualification, work type, working hours, caliber and talent to solve the case and experience in the field. As the job requires multi tasking, hence the companies also pay the talented resources as per the work done. Depending on the career category one has chosen the working hours and profile of the work differs for the professionals and thus differs their income range. Salary offered by the private companies is more than salary of those who are working with government or public sector companies. Consulting Forensic experts, who have gathered a good experience and have recognition in the market, can fetch a handsome fee from their clients.

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