How can I use my writing skills?

Why should I go into Creative Writing?

Creative writing career demands passion for writing. So if you have passion for writing this career is for you. It is a very competitive field as the new people are joining every day. The beauty of this career is that no matter what other vocation you pursue, if you enjoy writing poetry, plays, fiction, or nonfiction, you can try your hands on creative writing as a freelance. However, creative writing doesn’t involve lot of money and you can easily pursue other vocation also. But if you want to make it whole time vocation and earn lot of money you must have talent and initiative to excel in this career.

What do I do with my creative writing skills?

If you have good imagination and ability to convert memories and thoughts into words, there are mainly following option available to you:
• You can kick-start you career as a freelance writer.
• You can get hired by various employers as a full time employee.
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