How far has democracy in India delivered the goods?

How far has democracy in India delivered the goods?


Democracy and India has an in-depth relation. India is the largest democracy despite having a great diversified culture. We could hardly find another country like India having so many customs, traditions, linguists, caste and religion. Still we can proudly stand for running an efficient democratic set-up for more than 60 years, since our Independence. Indian democracy will definitely have its charm and ever-lasting charisma throughout the world.


Democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Precisely, the democracy gives all its importance to the citizens of the country who play the role of creator, protector and destroyer of the government of their nation. Every citizen irrespective of his status, caste or religion is equal before the democratic set-up and can freely excise their veto power.

Requirements for a good democratic set-up:

• Educated electoral group to cast their vote wisely, keeping in mind the pride of the nation and the efficiency of the candidate.

• Independent judiciary, which is free from the hold of the government and the politics; so that the judicial system don’t bend its backbone in front of anyone in the country.

• Free Press, which doesn’t get influenced by any VIP, politician or any other strong person with respect to power or wealth. The free press would be an entry ticket for a call for fight against corruption.

• Unimpeachable moral integrity, which is another major requirement for a smooth democratic set-up.

Role of Opposition in Democracy

The opposition holds a good position and has a strong power in the efficient functioning of the government. An efficient, strong and courageous, brilliant and undoubtedly honest opposition can provide the best output from the government. They are the ones who hold the key for unlocking all the loopholes within the government and their ministers, and can demonstrate the same to the outside world. A government without the opposition will mimic an autocratic rule, especially if the supreme power goes in to the hands of an autocrat.

Indian Democracy
Indian democracy is by far the largest democratic set-up in the world. We enjoy the power of free and fair elections with an unbounded freedom of casting our vote in a secret manner. Our democratic set-up is like a puzzle which needs much efficient handling, so as to maintain the peace, keeping in mind the interests and requirements of people belonging to all the sectors with all the diversity in the classification. A single offending step could cause violent agitations and chaos in the whole country.

Positive Impacts of Indian Democracy
Democracy in India has by far given many constructive output. Our country is slowly emerging as a supreme power. We have all sorts of basic inputs viz manpower, skill, brilliance, efficiency, determination etc. all we need is to pluck out the weeds to enjoy the freedom in its full entirety. Let us discuss a few fields where democracy has its steps ahead:

Fundamental rights and secularism
We have safeguard our fundamental rights all through. The rights are properly shielded under the constitutional cover, as it is the prime motivating factor for any democratic government. We have also made our best to keep our esteem up as the secular state, right from the time we declared ourselves to be a secular state.

Agricultural sector
Our country has its foundation deep rooted in to the fields of agriculture and farming. Though not many of the present generation comes up with this field, yet we have explored a lot in to this sector and our youngsters are still moving towards this sector to yield more and more.

Industrialization has its impact all round the globe. India is no bar from its spread and extent. Industrialization has led to the civilized living and has improved the standard of living of an average Indian citizen.

Employment opportunities
Though we always complain of unemployment, that actually is not due to the lack of employment opportunities, but due to our ever increasing population. If we carefully monitor the employment index at the time of our Independence to that of the present day, we can find a marked increase, not only in the number of opportunities, but also the quality of work and the payment for the same.

Education and literacy
Indian education has always been regarded the best in the world. Our brains have a very good demand and market worldwide. Our incapability to satisfy our supreme brains with their high payrolls lead to the brain drain. Otherwise the education and literacy level in India could have taken us far ahead of any other nation in the world.

Independence of Press and Judiciary
Our press and judicial system works with an unbounded sway. This is the big requirement for an efficient democratic set-up which we have tried to maintain to our level best.

Negative feedbacks of Democratic set-up in India in Present Era

With the advancing globalization, we have definitely been carried away into the westernization and are failing to follow our customs and tradition. Even if we keep all those external factors aside, we do have a few internal challenges within our country which is pulling back our legs. A few of them being:

• Corruption

• Ever increasing population with an inability to stagnate that by application of stringent laws

• Improper law and order situation in the country

• Big part of our population still lingering on and below poverty line

• Communalism, religion, casteism, fundamentalism and inter-state tensions

• Coalition government and its impact on the economy of the country.


Thus, to conclude, we can call our democratic set-up as an efficient one. We just need to keep a check on the negative factors which is hitting our economy very badly. If we fail to restrict the flow of the negative influencing factors, then the day is not far when we will lose our pride of being the biggest democracy.
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