How many types of processes are there in SAP Netweaver application server? Explain

Types of processes in SAP AS are :

• The dispatcher distributes the request to the work processes.

Dialog work processes fulfill all requests for the execution of dialog steps triggered by an active user. Every dispatcher requires at least two dialog work processes.

Spool work processes pass sequential data flow on to printers. At least one spool work process is required for each SAP system. It is possible to configure more than one spool work process for each dispatcher.

Update work processes executes update requests. Similarly to spool work processes, you need at least one update work process per SAP system.

Background work processes executes programs that run without interacting with the user. You need at least two background work processes for each SAP system.

• The enqueue work process administers the lock table in the shared memory. The lock table contains the logical database locks of the ABAP runtime environment of the SAP system. Only one enqueue work process is needed for each system.
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