How to Add an effect to the movie clip? - Flash

How to Add an effect to the movie clip?

- A timeline is selected to create animation to a movie clip.

- Follow these steps:

1. Double click on Wheel_mc instance using Selection Tool, for entering symbol-editing mode.

2. Right-Click on the symbol that is to animate and select TimeLine Effects -> Transform/Transition->Transform menu item.

3. Enter 60in the Effect Duration of Transform dialog box. This specifics the effect that spans 60 frames in the Timeline.

4. Enter 1 in the Spin text box and verify 360 populates in the Rotate Text Box.

5. Click on Update Preview to preview the designated effect.

6. Click on OK.
This effect spans for 60 frames in the movie clip TimeLine.

7. Click on Scene 1 to exit the symbol-editing mode.

8. Select Control->Test Movie to view the animation.
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