How to become a Fashion Choreographer?

Is it necessary to undergo a course to become a Fashion Choreographer?

Though no formal education is required to become a fashion choreographer, a degree or diploma in Fashion designing or Fashion merchandizing is no harm, it rather gives you an edge over others. Fashion choreography is a sub domain of Fashion Merchandizing. An aspiring candidate is suggested to undergo a formal training in a fashion school to acquaint him with the knowhow of the industry. A bachelors or masters degree in Fashion technology is very helpful. It familiarizes you with various aspect of designing including presentation and visual merchandizing. These things prove really helpful while pursuing a career in Fashion Choreography. Illustration of topics such as styling, merchandizing, visual effects, concepts of design, buying and marketing can make your concepts a lot clearer than if you start without a course.

Alternatively you can also go for a course; diploma or degree in fine arts. These courses account for your theoretical knowledge which has its own worth. Together with practical, you can expertise in your field. Never miss any event or any show. Be a volunteer wherever you can and never miss a chance to exhibit your talent. This not only gives you exposure but also makes your CV look good. Practical knowledge in itself is the biggest qualification.

FE Institute of Art and Design, Mumbai, offers diploma in Fashion Choreography. Candidate should be minimum 10th pass or equivalent to be eligible for the course.
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