How to choose your specialization for MBA?

How to choose your specialization for MBA?

A typical two-year MBA program trains the students in the field of management giving it a holistic outlook. The first year is more generic in nature and all introductory MBA courses are taught in the first and second tri-semesters during the first year. In the second year, the students get to choose from a variety of specialization which are offered. There are five main specializations that are offered by most of the MBA institutes. They are Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations Management and Information Technology.

Factors to consider while making a choice for specialization in MBA:

The most important is to choose your specialization based on your personality, skills, career goals and above all, interest. Your future career will depend on the subject you choose for specialization and hence making the right decision is imperative.

1.Area of Interest: If you choose to make a career in the field which interests you the most, then scope for your development too will be more. Hence choosing an area of specialization in MBA as per your interest is important.

2.Aptitude: Taking an aptitude test generally helps since it is a way of understanding your areas of competency and skills. This helps in making a well thought decision while choosing specialization for MBA.

• Students who have a natural ability in mechanical and like working with objects, machinery and tools would excel if they choose Production and Operations.

• Students who love to observe, learn, interact with people and have a good communication skill should go for Marketing.

• Students who have an inclination towards art, innovation and like to work in an environment where they can make use of their imagination and creativity should definitely choose the Strategy sector.

• Students who like to work with people to enlighten, inform, help, train, or are skilled with words, solving problems should join HR and those students, and those who like to work with data, have talent and love for numbers, should go for Finance.”

Although these are not rules laid down to choose a specialization, one must make a careful choice. It is highly advisable to pick one according to your interest rather than blindly following the market trend. Being well aware of the available job opportunities in the particular area and whether or not you would want to see yourself in that position for the next few years is vital to know before you narrow down on a specialization.
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