How to face interview - interview tips!

Stay confident, composed and calm during the interview

Prepare your answer to the question the interviewer might ask about your strengths and weaknesses in the interview. Take the word weaknesses as liberally as possible.

Never approach the interviewer as a “Job Beggar”. Go as a “Problem Solver”. Answer in positive when you are asked if you are speaking to some other companies for your job search.

Sound ambitious but stable

Study about the company before you go for the interview. Ask intelligent questions when give a chance to ask questions to interviewers
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  • Approach to answer HR interview questions

    The right answer to a question is absolutely dependent on the situation and cannot be carved in stone but knowing the right and wrong approach to answer these questions will help you in dealing with the situation. This article tells you the wrong/ right approach to answer some of the most frequently asked tricky questions:
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  • Preparation just before the interview

    Research the employer
    Research the position
    Analyze the position and your qualifications
    Predict the questions the interviewer might ask
    Prepare the questions you want to ask the interviewer
    Dress yourself professionally and reach the interview venue before time. Carry some extra copies of your CV, a notepad and a pen

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  • HR interview questions and answers

    Sample questions:

    Tell us something about yourself.
    Why do you consider yourself a suitable candidate for this position?
    Why do you want to leave your present job or company?
    You have stayed in your current job for quite a long time, why?
    What do you know about us?
    What do you do to improve your knowledge?

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