How to handle GD and PI to get a seat into an IIM?

How to handle GD and PI to get a seat into an IIM?

I am a fresh graduate and going to appear in CAT exam this time. Apart from the written exam, I'm also worried about GD and PI. If I manage to get through the written exam, what are the things that I should bear in mind to get through the GD and PI? Please guide.

To get into an IIM, Group Discussions and Personal Interviews matter a lot as the marks obtained here carrt 30-40% weightage. It is not ncessary to have an experience in GD or PI but when you attend a GD or PI there are certain things that you should bear in mind.

Tips to crack the GD :

1. There might be a lot of candidates appearing for the GD round. Do not get panic. Be confident about yourself.

2. Make yourself aware about the current affairs. Make sure that you read newspaper daily. This prepares you with good arguments on each topic.

3. Once you enter the GD round, introduce yourself to the other candidates and get to the topic straight.

4. Taking an initiative to start first will prove beneficial. Do not wait for others to start speaking, if you know the topic well.

5. Candidates will be given around 15 minutes to think about the topic. Utilize this time properly to get your thoughts together and structure them on paper.

6. You should be alert during the entire GD process. Use your words carefully. Try to support your statements with examples, wherever possible.

7. Start with the introduction of the topic and then move on to the pros and cons. Avoid making biased statements.

8. You should maintain a strong level of patience during the GD. The other candidates may not agree with your views. Listen to them carefully and handle the argument maturely. Its a GD, not a war.

9. Try not to divert from the topic. Stick on to the topic as long as you can. Do not confuse the other candidates.

10. You should be well dressed while you go to attend a GD. It will boost up your confidence and create a positive impact.

Tips to crack a PI :

1.You should be ready with the basic questions like about yourself ,your aims, career, hobbies etc. You should also be ready to answer on why you chose that particular IIM?

2. Confidence leads you to success. Attend the interview confidently. Do not fumble. Overconfidence may bring your downfall.

3. If you don't know an answer, admit it. Do not speak something which does not make any sense.

4. Don't give any false information. It may affect your career. Be honest to yourself and to the interviewers.

5. Be calm and polite during the interview session. The interviewers may criticize you, have patience. Try to accept that or you may have the option to argue. If you disagree with the panel, put your thought across politely. You have to make your point and not get into an argument.

6. Maintain a good body language through out the interview. The three key things to be successful in any personal interview are - body language, communication skills and a good sense of humor.

7. You should thorough with your CV. Whatever you tell in an interview should also match with your CV.

8. Research about that IIM and its details before you step in for the interview process.
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